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Displaying a vehicle while driving with movement data as a “Digital Twin” can help to ensure the safety of the driver, the vehicle and load as well as the position in a terrain. At the same time, the operation of critical components can be monitored to enable Predictive Maintenance. This requires fast processing of a large amount of data from sensors in the vehicle in Realtime, filtering of the results and transfer it to a cloud from which the display of the Digital Twin can be controlled remotely.
The software for the collection and pre-processing in the vehicle itself runs on an IoT telematic box and is updated via an application management system over the air from a portal in the cloud.
In the lecture Johannes Biermann, General Manager from aicas GmbH will present the IIoT framework for the application management system and the project.

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Ulf Magnus Wolkersdorfer

Sales Director Europe

Aicas GmbH

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03:00PM - Day 2

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