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IoT Trustworthiness is a critical property of IoT systems. It encompasses the increasing convergence between IT issues like Security and Privacy, and OT issues like Reliability, Resilience and Safety. Establishing and maintaining required levels of IoT Trustworthiness throughout the lifecycle journey of the IoT system is critical to the system’s ability to deliver better Business Outcomes.

This session will describe the following:
– IoT Trustworthiness – what it is and how to assess it
– Pivotal role of cybersecurity in IoT Trustworthiness
– How a lack of trustworthiness can undermine the system’s ability to achieve Business Outcomes

The session will also describe how Fujitsu’s Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence Solution provides real-time visualization of factory operations and machine health, and how this helps assess and manage the IoT Trustworthiness of the plant’s systems.

Associated Speakers:

Bassam Zarkout

Executive Vice President

IGnPower Inc.

Associated Talks:

11:00AM - Day 2

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