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Tired of being told that IoT security is about complex and changing passwords?

Learn in this talk which cellular features could have prevented the Mirai and Chalubo attacks that have infected hundred of thousands of IoT devices and caused significant revenue loss for businesses.

Get an insight why and how attackers are trying to get control of the devices and how to minimize attack surfaces.

Get to know how IoT Enterprises that have their application infrastructure in the cloud can secure the devices by choosing a new breed of cellular cloud providers.

Associated Speakers:

Christian Henke

Head of Product


Associated Talks:

11:30AM - Day 1

View IoT Innovation: Top 10 IoT Security Best Practices – How to Prevent Attacks by Choosing the Right Cellular Connectivity Provider

03:30PM - Day 1

View Panel: Not today, Sir – Securing the IoT eco-system

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