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Create value from data is easier said than done. Manufacturing Industry has challenges to face such as combining legacy assets with new digital technologies. But these challenges create also opportunities.

We’ll discuss how:

  • we apply a 3-D approach based on:
    • bringing new skills (internal, open innovation, ecosystem,…)
    • strategy and governance (including change management)
    • infrastructure (data lakes,…)
  • we leverage this strategy to scale-up machine learning and AI and we’ll give concrete examples of enterprise-wide value creation:
    • our Smart Innovative Operations program e.g. predictive maintenance, detecting energy drifts, optimization through a digital twin,…
  • what perspectives and other use cases for Air Liquide and the Industry

Associated Speakers:

Athanasios Kontopoulos

Computational & Data Science Scientific Director and Global Lab Leader, R&D

Air Liquide

Associated Talks:

10:50AM - Day 2

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