Day 2 - 18 March 2020


Application of IoT – Consumer: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Hear from an industry leading analyst on the application of IoT for consumers in a connected world, with reference to the latest trends, insights and solutions for buildings, energy, smart cities and connectivity across industries.


Smart traffic management solutions using real-time information

Traffic Management is one of the main infrastructure challenges being faced by developing countries today. This talk will look at the ways in which IoT is improving these systems, considering pollution reduction, time efficiency and congestion relief to mention a few.


Panel: V2V Communication and Intelligent Transport Systems

  • What are the newest innovations in this market?
  • The benefits for this kind of IoT integration speak for themselves; reduced traffic, safer roads, streamlined traffic management etc., but is the connectivity there to enable it and is the cost worth the reward?
  • Are the current security systems for this technology robust enough to cope with the kind of responsibility that they would be undertaking & how will v2v technology providers be able to gain consumer trust in this technology?


The next generation of connected cars

  • Exploring the connected vehicle ecosystem in 2017 from self- driving cars to ADAS
  • Aims for a seamless customer experience and the obstacles to be overcome to provide this
  • Visions of the more connected and autonomous future for vehicles and mobility
  • Thinking of the car as more than a connected device but a platform for apps and services
  • The role of partnerships within the connected car ecosystem, from start-ups to enterprises


Networking Break


Geo-Fencing – What are its parameters?

Geofencing has changed the way that an IoT enabled business functions. How does this technology aid an enterprise trying to achieve e2e visibility especially looking at fleet management?


Panel: Reshaping Healthcare with the IoT

As the application of IoT in the healthcare sector is expanding, it is key that businesses understand the current market and where to progress to stay relevant in an evolving eco-system. This panel session will look closer at:

  • What connectivity provider to use for your healthcare device?
  • Data management and security of sensitive insights
  • How smart devices aim to provide a more efficient healthcare system

What does the future of healthcare look like for consumers?


IoT Adoption for the Future of Insurance

  • Disruption within the sector, old business models become obsolete as IoT efficiency leads to lower revenue
  • Who really owns the data? – A deeper look into the application of data collected
  • What IoT platforms need to be used for timely data insights and how can the insights provided be regulated?


How is the IoT being used within the Retail Sector?

  • How does the era of IoT change the relationship between retail stores and their shoppers e.g through Smart mirrors, dressing rooms, supply chain management and individualised marketing?
  • Which tech is worth investing in, within this space?
  • Real life examples of how IoT is being used look across in-store experience, real-time marketing, enhanced loyalty programs, and mobile e-commerce


Networking Break


Keynote: The Next Generation of Smart City Technologies

  • The latest technologies to revolutionise how we see and create smarter cities
  • How AI and IoT need to be utilised to allow for predictions in city technologies
  • With 5G looking to be a key player in connecting cities, how do we ensure secure connectivity across such complex landscapes?
  • Is  a ‘human touch’ still needed in a connected future?


Connectivity to Power the Smart City of the Future

From the wide-ranging array of connectivity solutions, which is going to be the one which is going to be integral to the future of smart cities? This talk will look at the Pro’s and Con’s of each within the city perspective.


Sessions Close