Day 1 - 1 December 2022



Applied IoT & Analytics: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: IoT Delivering on Resilient Supply Chains

  • Supply chains building resiliency through the IoT. 
  • Responding to demand – the full reboot of supply chains after 2021. 
  • Combining IoT sensors and digital capabilities like blockchain and digital twins for process optimisation.  



Keynote Presentation: Developing Operations with Digital Twins– Leveraging New Models

  • Understanding where to utilise digital twin technologies – when to implement and the steps for a successful result.  
  • Simulation and digital twins – where does the accountability lie?  
  • Considering the next steps for optimisation – input as well as output data, progressing from digital twins to digital prototypes?  
  • How to grow the implementation of digital twins across industries. 



Presentation: Developing Operations with Digital Twins

  • Providing unparalleled insights across environments – the best market product for reduced costs and risks? 
  • Understanding the digital transformation process for implementing digital twins.   
  • Progressions in this space, e.g. AWS’s IoT TwinMaker 
  • Real-life examples of digital twins in practice. 


Networking Break



Presentation: Machine Learning for the Ultimate IIoT Infrastructure

  • Using ML to derive ‘relevant’ data.  
  • A closer look at latency, robustness and reliability of the data being used for ML models.  
  • Examples of ML in the manufacturing space. 



Panel: Digitalisation and Automation for IIoT

  • Digitalising the factory floor – getting the digital transformation steps right to implement fully autonomous processes.  
  • AI, ML, automation, digital twin – knowing where these technologies come into play to optimise processes.  
  • Leveraging predictive analytics to stay ahead of potential errors or failures.  
  • A sustainable focus on products and services – the advantages of a circular economy approach.  



Presentation: Boosting Operations through IIoT

  • The progressions of AI, ML and additive manufacturing in IIoT – the challenges and solutions.   
  • Transforming employee capabilities with these technologies.  
  • Utilising Edge for optimum response rates and data led decision making.  
  • Reaching KPI’s through IoT enabled process optimisation


Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: Industry 5.0 – Resilience, Sustainability & Human Centricity

  • Improving business resilience through data led decisions. 
  • A look at sustainable practices and having a future focus – the shift to a more sustainable and human-centric approach.   
  • Human centricity – empowering the team and utilising digital services like connected work applications.  



Presentation: AI and ML for Advanced Automation

  • AI and ML advancements to tackle errors in IoT. 
  • Combining the capabilities of AI and IoT for risk predictions and rapid response.  
  • Driving infrastructure resilience through AI and ML. 



Presentation: Futureproofing through Collaboration and Automation

  • Collaborative robots in automation, the benefits for ROI.  
  • Increased flexibility for the human workforce.  
  • The future through hyper-automation enabling lower operating costs and new revenue streams.


Networking Break



Panel: IoT and Data Connectivity – Optimising through Insights

  • A holistic approach – how to move data from A-B, keeping in mind SSP (security, safety, privacy).  
  • Working to collect ‘intelligent’ data and contextualising insights. 
  • How to find the balance between standardisation and flexibility for quick response and optimisation.  
  • AI, dashboards and digital twins – how employees are key in the decision-making process to optimise technology led systems.



Presentation: The World of Data Democratisation

  • The key to democratisation through data interoperability.  
  • How to approach data movement. 
  • Digital democratisation – giving employees the ability to utilise data and build solutions.



Presentation: Manufacturing Use-case

To follow soon …



End of Day

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