Day 2 - 18 March 2020


Connected Industry: Chairs Welcome and Opening Comments

Hear from an industry analyst on how the IIoT is transforming with the advent of new technologies, the trends, innovations and predictions for this market.


The factory of tomorrow

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Visual Analytics: Improving data quality & making it possible for workers to interpret data

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Panel: Data Analytics for IIoT

  • Identifying target-rich, high-value data that can be used to generate business intelligence
  • Using cloud analytics platforms to derive value from IoT data
  • Real time data analytics in practice – examples of how IoT data is creating business efficiencies and revolutionising working practices


Simulation and Digital Twin within Lego

This will be a case study from Lego on their implementation of the digital twin within their simulation processes.


The age of the robot: What to consider when moving towards Industry 5.0

Enhanced human machine collaboration is the key determiner between Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0, but what should one consider when making this step, from security to connectivity? This talk will look at the push towards industry 5.0 and what it will produce for the industrial industry and what will be needed for the age of the robot to be implemented.


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Convergence of Manufacturing and Construction

This talk will explore the convergence of manufacturing and construction in the wider industrial sector and how this will change over the next 5 years.


Athanasios Kontopoulos

Computational & Data Science Scientific Director and Global Lab Leader, R&D

Air Liquide

Associated Talks:

02:30PM - Day 2

View What’s the key to smart manufacturing?

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What’s the key to smart manufacturing?

This talk will look at what the key is to smart manufacturing and how will this be developing in the IoT space.

. Athanasios Kontopoulos, Computational & Data Science Scientific Director and Global Lab Leader, R&D, Air Liquide


Virtually twinning! The importance of the Digital Twin

  • How the Digital Twin concept bridges the physical and digital worlds to unlock new business value.
  • The move from traditional methods to utilising easily-created connected mobile experiences; leveraging augmented reality will offer new levels of interaction across the product life-cycle including key areas like creation, operation and services. How will this effect human interaction?
  • Discussing how to get buy in from your organisation and combat cultural biases – C-suite but also across traditionally siloed departments like engineering and IT.
  • Workforce of the future – How will digital labour in the servicing business transform the skills mix and workforces.


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Panel: Manufacturing 5.0, what’s new?

  • The hype for Industry 4.0 has been followed by the anticipation for Industry 5.0, but what are the main differences for the manufacturing industry?
  • The Industry 4.0 is now firmly embedded in many industrial enterprises – but what will be the biggest roadblock when looking to expand to 5.0?
  • How much investment is required to successfully implement Industry 5.0?


Richard Allbert

Former Head of Digital Innovation

Pirelli Deutschland

Associated Talks:

04:30PM - Day 2

View The Cultural Change Needed in Industry

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The Cultural Change Needed in Industry

We modernise our technology but not our organisations, a cultural change is needed in how industries approach technology innovation and implementation. Innovation is the key to progress, but it tends to be lacking in the digital age, why? This talk will look at key places to start including:

  • Empowering people
  • Dangers of Digital Amnesia
  • Value first not technology
  • Our perception of change vs reality
. Richard Allbert, Former Head of Digital Innovation, Pirelli Deutschland


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