Day 1 - 17 March 2020

Convergent Technology Solutions

This track looks at the intersection of IOT, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and how the convergence of these disruptive technologies are helping enterprises large and small to increase efficiency and ROI, while reducing wastageWhat do CTOs, CIOS and Heads of Technology have to consider when looking at which technology to include in future budgets? 


Chris Bryan

Consulting Director


Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

View Convergent Technologies: Chairs Welcome and Opening Remarks

09:30AM - Day 1

View Convergent Technology Solutions: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

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Convergent Technology Solutions: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

Hear from an industry analyst who will discuss how the most innovative technologies of our time will need to converge to create a truly integrated landscape, the benefits of this and the challenges that will be faced. 

. Chris Bryan, Consulting Director, IDC


Defining Convergent Technology

  • Comparing technical and functional convergence,
  • Emergence of new products/services from combining technologies
  • Discussing interoperability of different technologies to achieve an outcome greater than the constituent parts


Moving towards Secure Convergence of Cloud and IoT

This talk will aim to discuss the security challenges that the IoT eco-system brings to Cloud and vice-versa.


Networking Break


Panel: Successful Synergies & Convergence between Blockchain, AI & IoT

  • Which technology do you start with? Chicken or the egg?
  • Use cases in action – real life examples of convergence
  • Forming successful partnerships & when will we see this in action?
  • Current fundamental shortcomings of each sector that will impact progression of scalability, interoperability & storage


Traceability: How to track the Data you collect on the Blockchain?

How can Blockchain and the IoT be successfully combined to create enhanced secure visibility all the way along the supply chain?


AI-driven IoT at the Edge

  • What challenges and opportunities does IoT and AI at the edge bring?
  • How can organisations implement these technologies?
  • Will this be the key to driving the disruptive transformation needed for long-term business growth?


Networking Break


How can the Convergence of AI & Blockchain improve Master Data Management?

How can blockchain distribute & decentralize an immutable database? What is the difference between Master data vs. Transactional data? This talk will delve into industry examples of the convergence between AI & Blockchain in action.


Machine Learning as the Key for Actionable IoT Data

Thanks to the dawn of sensor technology, enterprises have a copious amount of data ready to be sorted and cleansed. Machine Learning can help Enterprises utilise the data that they are collecting in order to create actionable insights. What is the future for this technology and is it realistically scalable for the larger Enterprise?


Keynote Panel: Breaking Silos – A guide for CxOs

  • Barriers to entry
  • How to evaluate new technologies for your business
  • Understanding the risks
  • How to make strategic decisions that are right for your company, not just your technology strategy


Networking Break


People Patching: Who should be Responsible for Security?

90% of security breaches are due to human error, so why is security not more of a priority? This talk will uncover why education is so important and how to create a security culture in your business.


Decentralized Cloud Storage in the Blockchain age

This talk will investigate the difference between centralized & decentralized cloud storage. It will identify the pros & cons of open source data storage, whilst address security concerns.