Day 2 - 1 December 2023


Connected Enterprise: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairperson's welcome and opening remarks.



Presentation: Connecting Global Communities

  • The latest trends and technologies advancing connected living.
  • Moving from smart cities to resilient cities.
  • Connectivity and security – what needs to happen to help secure such critical infrastructures?
  • How collaboration across solution providers and cities is essential to growth.



Keynote Presentation: Reaching Long Ranges with Satellite IoT

  • Connectivity through smart grids for vast reach and remote locations; how Satellite IoT is providing services in these spaces. 
  • The increased reliability offered through this type of connection. 
  • Future capabilities as the use of IoT continues to grow. 



Presentation: Keeping Control – IoT led Remote Management

• The critical role of IoT for remote management services.
• What IoT networks can provide the level of connectivity needed? Not a one size fits all approach.
• Edge, Cloud and AI – knowing what technology is needed for different remote management solutions.


Networking Break



Panel: A Holistic Approach to the Connectivity Landscape

  • Aligning customers’ needs across the connectivity space – knowing what you need for both short- and long-term device/ service lifecycles. 
  • The limitations of current connectivity solutions for enterprise infrastructures. 
  • Convergence and interoperability for optimised solutions by combining different technologies including LoRa, NBIoT, satellite, 5G, eSIM etc.  
  • Providing the right connectivity for the right use case, not a one size fits all approach. 



Presentation: New Services with eSIM

  • What eSIM offers that other connectivity solutions don’t – the opportunity for interoperability.
  • A look at the capabilities of device connectivity over a range of sectors.
  • Is a change in the telecom business models still needed for wider adoption of the technology?



Presentation: IoT Solutions for Optimum Remote Connectivity

As more and more sensors and devices need connecting, there is still a limit as to how well these can run in remote environments. This session will uncover the current IoT market for remote connectivity including, where the current pitfalls are and to a look at the evolving landscape. What needs to change in this space for a successful trajectory?


Networking Break & Lunch



Fireside Chat: 5G Capabilities – a Market Analysis

  • What we have learnt so far in relation to network speeds and security when deployed.
  • Is 5G performing as well as originally anticipated with the network capabilities of wider bandwidth, flexibility and lower latency?
  • Examples across verticals of 5G running live.



Presentation: AI Opportunities in 5G

  • Combining AI at the Edge as the ultimate game-changer.
  • Using trials and testing to see where AI can really impact opportunities and experiences.
  • AI and ML as part of critical infrastructure for operations and maintenance optimisation.



Panel: Hello, it’s 5G – Optimising the Enterprise

  • 5G as an efficiency enabler for enterprises. 
  • Cutting costs in a sustainable way – how 5G and heightened connectivity solutions can make a difference. 
  • Enabling real-time, personalized decisions. 
  • Adding an advanced layer of automation across processes. 


End of Day