Day 1 - 25 April 2019

Developing for the IoT 2019


Matt Hatton

Technology Industry Expert


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Jeremy O’Donoghue

Board Director


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Dr Mohammed Zoualfaghari

Research Manager - IoT Architect & Technical Lead


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David Mudd

Business Development Director – IoT


Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

View IoT Innovation: Pragmatic security for consumer IoT

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Panel: The Fundamentals of IoT Device Management

There is no doubt that device management is the foundation for any IoT solution. This talk will look at the ways in which IoT device management platforms offer lifecycle management capabilities which can help deploy, monitor, maintain, manage, and update IoT devices at-scale.

Moderator: . Matt Hatton, Technology Industry Expert, Independent
. Jeremy O’Donoghue, Board Director, GlobalPlatform
. Dr Mohammed Zoualfaghari, Research Manager - IoT Architect & Technical Lead , BT
. David Mudd, Business Development Director – IoT, BSI


Yang Zou

IoT and Digital Solutions Business Manager

Keysight Technologies

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IoT Design and Verification Challenges

The Internet of Things changes everything. Devices need to be more energy efficient, access points must support many more devices, wireless communication occurs on different wireless standards, network traffic is exponentially increasing, and the entire IoT system needs to be stress-tested and secured. Connectivity, reliability, product life, security and privacy are top challenges the industry is facing. We will use several cases to illustrate those challenges and how Keysight helps our customers get their products to market faster and build them scalable.

. Yang Zou, IoT and Digital Solutions Business Manager, Keysight Technologies


Networking Break


Blaine Mathieu

Chief Marketing & Product Officer


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Building Event-Driven Systems at the Speed of IoT

In this session, learn how the revolution in event-driven application platforms enable innovative companies to develop, deploy and run real-time enterprise applications – enabled by the IoT – with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lowered development and maintenance costs, and maximized agility in the face of requirements for continuous innovation and digital transformation.

. Blaine Mathieu, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, VANTIQ


Mariana Pereira


Darktrace Industrial

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Using AI for Real-Time Threat Detection across OT, IT and IoT

In this session, learn:
– How to use artificial intelligence to detect emerging threats and latent vulnerabilities
– Achieving 100% visibility across OT, IT and Industrial IoT
– Real-world case studies of stealthy cyber-threats identified early by the Industrial Immune System – before a crisis occurred

. Mariana Pereira, Director, Darktrace Industrial


Networking Break


Steven Hewitt

Chairman MESA UK, SIG

MESA International

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IoT Case Study – Hirotec

to follow soon . . .

. Steven Hewitt, Chairman MESA UK, SIG, MESA International


Mark van den Berg


IoT World Alliance

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eSIM Technology as an Enabler for IoT Connectivity

  • Are eSIMs really that revolutionary? The pros and cons
  • Why cellular connectivity (SIM or eSIM) enables more value
  • The reality of IoT solutions: a customer’s perspective
. Mark van den Berg, Chairman, IoT World Alliance


Matt Hatton

Technology Industry Expert


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Dimitrios Spiliopoulos 2019

Internet of Things ( IoT ) Strategist


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Neil Bosworth 2019

M2M Manager UK and Benelux

Gemalto M2M

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David Boswarthick

Director CSC


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Panel: Connectivity Considerations for IoT Solutions

  • Which is better for your product, LTE Cat-1, Cat-M, or Cat-NB, or an unlicensed LPWAN? 
  • Discussions around range vs. data rate vs power consumption for these IoT connectivity technologies 
  • The drawbacks for each network, including security and whether devices can actively initiate communication with the network 
  • How Mesh networks can be utilised by a range of industries, not just the Smart Home sector to provide flexible and scalable connectivity without the need for ISP’s for the IoT.
Moderator: . Matt Hatton, Technology Industry Expert, Independent
. Dimitrios Spiliopoulos 2019, Internet of Things ( IoT ) Strategist, O2
. Neil Bosworth 2019, M2M Manager UK and Benelux , Gemalto M2M
. David Boswarthick, Director CSC, ETSI


Session Close

Networking Party – 6pm – Pergola @ Olympia

An evening of networking on Thursday 25 April from 6pm. Access for Ultimate, Gold & Expo Plus holders in addition to speakers, sponsors, press and exhibitors. Taking place at the rooftop bar of Olympia with spectacular views across London,  join us for drinks and networking opportunities.