Day 2 - 26 April 2019


Business Outcomes of the IIoT: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments


Peter Pugh-Jones

Head of IoT Operations, EMEA & AP


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10:00AM - Day 2

View Handling the data explosion to create truly Smart Cities

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Handling the data explosion to create truly Smart Cities

In this talk we will examine the evolution of technology over the last 40 years and why the time is finally right to look at new ways of working with the explosion of devices and sensors generating data that modern city infrastructure needs to support. We will examine why data without analytics has no value and why the future of creating new and valuable insights, will inevitably fall to the best in class ecosystems, comprised of expert services that can support multi-phased analytics, from the cloud to the edge and correctly utilize the Artificial Intelligence of Things as the first responding layer for alerting and management of our smarter cities.

. Peter Pugh-Jones, Head of IoT Operations, EMEA & AP, SAS


Philip Griffiths

Head of EMEA Partnerships


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10:30AM - Day 2

View IIoT, I4.0 and Secure CPPS – Automation-based Zero-Trust helps solve the challenges of Security and Privacy for IIoT

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IIoT, I4.0 and Secure CPPS – Automation-based Zero-Trust helps solve the challenges of Security and Privacy for IIoT

  • I4.0 is creating networks where machines communicate with each other to produce Cyber-Physical-Production-Systems (CPPS).
  • This is creating challenges including security and privacy of data.
  • This can be seen across use cases from Connected Truck, to Lifts to Manufacturing Plants with 3 challenges from (1) distributed OT endpoints, (2) complexity, and long lifecycles & (3) heterogenous ownership/mngt which can now be solved with automation-based zero-trust network infrastructure. We will demonstrate this by walking through a customer use case we did with IMS Evolve and Dell

The customer is rolling out an energy mngt solution for reducing carbon footprint and deducing operation expenditure across their 45k sites – i.e. HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration. Having successfully run a PoC IMS brought together a consortium of partners to build a solution which could be rolled out globally without the traditional challenges of IoT.

. Philip Griffiths, Head of EMEA Partnerships, NetFoundry


Bassam Zarkout

Executive Vice President

IGnPower Inc.

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11:00AM - Day 2

View Why IoT Trustworthiness is critical to the Business Outcomes of the IIoT

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Why IoT Trustworthiness is critical to the Business Outcomes of the IIoT

IoT Trustworthiness is a critical property of IoT systems. It encompasses the increasing convergence between IT issues like Security and Privacy, and OT issues like Reliability, Resilience and Safety. Establishing and maintaining required levels of IoT Trustworthiness throughout the lifecycle journey of the IoT system is critical to the system’s ability to deliver better Business Outcomes.

This session will describe the following:
– IoT Trustworthiness – what it is and how to assess it
– Pivotal role of cybersecurity in IoT Trustworthiness
– How a lack of trustworthiness can undermine the system’s ability to achieve Business Outcomes

The session will also describe how Fujitsu’s Factory Operations Visibility & Intelligence Solution provides real-time visualization of factory operations and machine health, and how this helps assess and manage the IoT Trustworthiness of the plant’s systems.

. Bassam Zarkout, Executive Vice President , IGnPower Inc.


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Farid Bichareh



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12:00PM - Day 2

View Li-Fi to enable IoT/IIoT: Revolution in Wireless Communication

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Li-Fi to enable IoT/IIoT: Revolution in Wireless Communication

In today’s World , the implementation of data-driven concepts such as IoT/IIoT has some challenges and obstacles when it comes to Reliable Bidirectional Communication and Data Routing, Security, Safety, Energy Consumption, Bandwidth, Operability, Adoption, Standardization, etc. To overcome these challenges many innovative technologies have been developed. One of these innovative technologies that revolutionizes wireless communication and connectivity for IoT/IIoT is Visible Light Communication (VLC), which is also referred to as Li-Fi (Light Fidelity).

Li-Fi transfers data through changing the intensity of the LED light. It is capable of providing Safe, Secure, Electromagnetic-Free and High-Speed Bidirectional Wireless Communication. It is also “Green” for the environment as it has low-energy consumption, thanks to its light source, LED.

Today, VLC technology was able to provide more than 200 Gbps speed in a lab environment, and as a product it has been developed to provide close to 100 Mbps downlink and uplink. Additionally, this technology has been applied to many concepts and use cases such as Internet Access Point, Accurate and Real Time Indoor Positioning, V2X Communication, Smart Advertisement and Marketing, Smart Cities and Manufacturing, and IoT/IIoT Connectivity. Generally you can consider this technology to be applied for any application that Wireless Communication is required.

AASA and its VLC subsidiary, 01LightComm, have developed and applied this technology to many of the above-mentioned use cases. As part of our effort to raise awareness about this technology around the World, we are honored to introduce and demonstrate a couple of these use cases that have been deployed for our customers at IoT Tech Expo Global 2019.

. Farid Bichareh, CTO , AASA Inc.


Daniel Burkhardt


Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute

Associated Talks:

12:30PM - Day 2

View Blockchain and AI as a chance for projects in ecosystems

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Blockchain and AI as a chance for projects in ecosystems

Technology Mix (Blockchain, AI and IoT)
– IIC + Testbeds
– Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute and Micro Testbeds
– One selected MiTb in depth (ideally with a partner from this MiTb)

. Daniel Burkhardt, Researcher, Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute


Roger Richardson

Commercial Director


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01:00PM - Day 1

View Business Outcomes of IIoT at a Midsize Packaging Manufacturer

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Business Outcomes of IIoT at a Midsize Packaging Manufacturer

It’s said that the IIoT’s “real potential lies not in a radical rip-and-replace overhaul strategy but through incremental smart upgrades and improvements.” (See Industry 4.0 Is an Evolution, Not a Revolution.) That’s the mindset we’ve taken at Corlina in our work with a large midwestern packaging manufacturer. Our customer wanted to develop a monitoring solution to predict maintenance needs more accurately but didn’t know where to start. While their main manufacturing systems (injection molding machines) have embedded sensors and intelligence, they did not have access to the sensor data. As a result, they were doing excessive preventative maintenance to avoid costly downtime caused by machine malfunctions. Together, we were looking for a method to reduce overall downtime without a full overhaul of these systems, and in a way that was not too costly for their margin-pressured business.

Our goals for the solution were:
● provide visibility into the plant machinery which is not available from the proprietary closed OT systems
● maintain the safety and integrity of the core and supporting systems
● could be scaled simply and quickly with limited additional cost and effort
● enables the predictive analysis of the data and planning of preventative maintenance to maximize equipment availability and service life.

We collaborated to implement a network of industry-standard sensors that were up and running in a matter of days, and that helped our client to immediately begin to avoid unplanned downtime of their systems. With an upfront cost of less than $15k, and ongoing outlay of just $1,000/month, the solution had a positive ROI within just a few months.

. Roger Richardson, Commercial Director, Corlina


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Glenn Bates

Senior Commercial Engineer

Rockwell Automation

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02:30PM - Day 2

View Secure Grip for PLCs on the Road to Enhanced Security in the Connected Age

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Ton van den Berg

Sales Manager Belgium & France


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02:30PM - Day 2

View Secure Grip for PLCs on the Road to Enhanced Security in the Connected Age

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Secure Grip for PLCs on the Road to Enhanced Security in the Connected Age

The Wibu-Systems presentation will dive into technical aspects of Secure Boot, IP & Integrity Protection for IoT systems. Their CodeMeter technology provides digital protection and control for software, source-code and data.

Having 30 years of experience in the software protection industry, we now see a trend where a lot of security best practices need to be learned again by software developers for IoT. Security for IoT devices is achieved by using all necessary elements from a puzzle with multiple critical parts. This presentation will unpack these specific elements and reveal best practices, offering guidelines to address critical links in the chain of trust.

A real live use case for the industry will be demonstrated by one of our partners in the industrial automation sector. Rockwell Automation have integrated the CodeMeter Technology by Wibu-Systems into their Logix5000 range of Programmable Automation Controllers. This enables their customers to manage the valuable intellectual property of a control system in a secure and flexible manner without compromising productivity.

. Glenn Bates, Senior Commercial Engineer, Rockwell Automation
. Ton van den Berg, Sales Manager Belgium & France, WIBU SYSTEMS


Ulf Magnus Wolkersdorfer

Sales Director Europe

Aicas GmbH

Associated Talks:

03:00PM - Day 2

View Edge computing in Realtime for a Digital Twin

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Edge computing in Realtime for a Digital Twin

Displaying a vehicle while driving with movement data as a “Digital Twin” can help to ensure the safety of the driver, the vehicle and load as well as the position in a terrain. At the same time, the operation of critical components can be monitored to enable Predictive Maintenance. This requires fast processing of a large amount of data from sensors in the vehicle in Realtime, filtering of the results and transfer it to a cloud from which the display of the Digital Twin can be controlled remotely.
The software for the collection and pre-processing in the vehicle itself runs on an IoT telematic box and is updated via an application management system over the air from a portal in the cloud.
In the lecture Johannes Biermann, General Manager from aicas GmbH will present the IIoT framework for the application management system and the project.

. Ulf Magnus Wolkersdorfer, Sales Director Europe, Aicas GmbH


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