Day 2

19 April 2018

IoT Innovations and Technologies

Topics include:
  • Funding
  • IoT Start Ups
  • Monetisation and Business Models
  • IoT Innovations
  • Privacy and Security
  • ID management


IoT Innovations & Technologies: Chair’s Welcome and opening comments

Hear from an industry leading analyst about the latest trends, investments and market insights for start ups and companies wanting to adopt the IoT.

Funding & Monetisation


Panel: Strategies for funding your IoT idea

Raphaël Crouan

Founder & Managing Director

Startupbootcamp IoT

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  • Analysing the IoT start up global landscape, and how new businesses are entering the market.
  • Comparing funding strategies strengths and weaknesses; crowd funding, VC investment, partnering with large companies and more.
  • Discussing new ways to fund IoT projects using decentralised funding, ICOs etc – how will Fintech change the way IoT start ups run?
  • What is the impact of the big four (Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) on companies entering the IoT market?
Moderator: . Raphaël Crouan, Founder & Managing Director, Startupbootcamp IoT


IoT Innovation: Security

This talk will highlight some of the latest IoT security developments from one of the industry’s leading providers of E2E security solutions.


IoT Innovation: Device Management

This talk will address the role of device management within the IoT ecosystem from the perspective of an industry leader in the field.


IoT Innovation: Analytics

Hear from a company tackling the challenges associated with analysing the wealth of data generated by the increasing number of IoT devices.


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Panel: Monetising your IoT idea

  • Evaluating the different business models companies can take when decided how to generate revenue for their IoT product or service using real life examples.
  • Do consumers expect more transparency in the monetisation models for the IoT products they are using compared to previous years?
  • Is Data Analytics still a key driver for monetisation? And what role does the increased sharing economy have on how you make money from your product?
  • Moving towards value based IoT outcomes – pricing based on the value to the customer rather than the cost to vendor.
  • Considering the life cycle of your product when creating your business strategy.


IoT Innovation: Healthcare

In this talk, we will consider how innovations in IoT Technology such as enhanced medical imaging and near-real-time analytics will revolutionise the way we view healthcare.


IoT Innovation: Yodiwo

Hear from Yodiwo about their IoT Innovation’s entry to the market.


IoT Innovation: Ilika

Hear from Ilika about their IoT Innovation’s entry to the market.


Networking break

Privacy & Security


Privacy and Security: Chair’s Welcome and Introduction


Keynote Panel: How will GDPR affect IoT users and vendors?

  • In May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, becomes enforceable.
  • Discussing the fundamentals of GDPR, and the effect it will have for companies using and making IoT products.
  • Who are the stakeholders affected and how can help you decipher this legislation?
  • Will implementation of the GDPR limit innovation in the countries where it applies compared to ROW? Discussing models used in other parts of the world.


Case Study: Managing your identity and privacy in the IoT

With more and more IOT devices collecting data about you, from the devices you wear to your car and home and city, is the concept of privacy now outdated?  Should consumers and companies alike be considering the concept of different privacies for the different networks their IoT devices are part of?  This talk will explore this theme using real world examples from across industries.

As the cloud is the new home of connectivity, how can we ensure that IoT platforms are secure? Are Identity and Access Management technologies the answer?


Solo: Legal Considerations for IoT devices and Consumer Protection 

IoT devices are the accumulators of a robust amount of data, and the protection of this data is paramount – how can you be sure that this is being protected/how can you protect this? This talk will address how to consider privacy and security throughout all aspects of product development from a legal standpoint, from contracts to implementation.


Panel: The importance of collaboration for IoT security

  • Understanding the unique challenges of security for the IoT, and that every party in the supply chain needs to understand these risks from chip vendors and software developers to ODM’s and service providers.
  • How can companies across the ecosystem collaborate to ensure stronger security?
  • What influence can different verticals have here – from securing smart cities to connected vehicles, and what are the different considerations for each?
  • Analysing the role and efficacy of standards organisations in IoT security.


Case Study: The role of penetration testing in IoT 

The sheer number of devices involved within the IoT make it especially vulnerable to hackers, and hence penetration testing has a growing role within the IoT security lifecycle. What do companies developing and utilising IoT technologies have to consider to protect their devices and data from This talk will discuss the challenges and opportunities in this field, with real life examples from enterprises.


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