Day 2 - 2 December 2022



Transformational IoT: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: IoT’s Role in the Metaverse

As the digital and physical worlds continue to merge into one eco-system, where are we going with the future of IoT? Thinking about long-term goals from the outset and the rapid rollout and immersion of the Metaverse.  



Keynote Presentation: Digital Acceleration through the IoT

  • Prioritising the focus – utilising technologies to offer new services.   
  • A new approach to the business through data-guided changes.   
  • Adopting Society 5.0 and the new strategies here.  



Presentation: Digital Transformation for Asset Optimisation

  • Breaking down silos – barriers to entry. 
  • The need for growth in new business models to enable digital progressions.   
  • A look at the challenges and opportunities from a policy and regulatory perspective – what needs to be considered here? 


Networking Break



Women in TechEx Panel: Maximising Business Strategies through Disruptive Technologies

  • How to evaluate new technologies for your business and understanding the risks. 
  • The importance of finding the business value before choosing the technology. 
  • Moving from the idea of PoC’s ‘proof of concept’ to MVP ‘minimum value products’. 
  • Cultural shifts and collaborations – the importance of building awareness and capabilities within the team.  



Presentation: Innovative Application Development

  • Developing for the consumer – understanding the market need first.  
  • Key focuses when developing – security, privacy, compatibility and connectivity.  
  • Ready for market – where to look for investment and funding opportunities. 



Presentation: Breaking Standards Barriers

  • Where to start in building a robust approach to create a fully capable IoT network? 
  • The barriers of technology standards and business standards – knowing what you need to implement and when.  
  • How to work within set standards, without being constrained by them. 


Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: IoT Propelling Sustainability

  • How smart energy provides efficiency and sustainability across enterprises.  
  • A shift towards sustainable practices – how IoT and other disruptive technologies can help. 
  • Deployment frameworks, data errors, security breaches, funding – what is the biggest barrier? 



Presentation: Innovation slot 1, Predictive Maintenance

10-minute innovation slot 



Presentation: Innovation slot 2, Automation

10-minute innovation slot 



Presentation: Innovation slot 3, Digitalisation

10-minute innovation slot



Panel: Enterprise Transformation, the Next Steps

  • The importance of creating an interoperable eco-system to enable fully digitalised processes that talk to each other. 
  • Moving from the idea of PoC’s ‘proof of concept’ to MVP ‘minimum value products’. 
  • Enabling teams to gain true process optimisation – embrace the transformation.  
  • Looking at the shift in the ways we innovate, and the opportunities disruptive technologies provide to create a more sustainable future – no longer just about ROI, but the ethical considerations.  


End of Day