Day One

Developing & IoT

09:20 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
09:40 Keynote: How the IIoT is transforming industry
10:10 Keynote Panel: Future of IoT Development
10:50 Centri Tech Presentation
11:20 LoRa Alliance Presentation
11:50 Panel: Which is best for your IoT application: LTE or LPWA?
12:30 Keynote: Business disruptions with robots, drones & algorithms
13:00 Networking Break
14:00 ClearBlade Presentation
14:30 Panel: World of connectivity - unlocking the promise of IoT
15:10 Best Practices for Designing Low-Energy Wireless IoT Devices
15:40 Ubuntu: Internet of Revenue Generating Things
16:10 Will there be an Internet of Things?
16:40 Panel: Interoperability as the key to success
17:20 Close

Connected Industry

09:30 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
09:50 Samsung Case Study: deriving business value from the IIoT
10:20 Keynote Panel: building new business opportunities with the IIoT
11:00 Thyssenkrupp: The business of IoT
11:30 Networking Break
11:50 Synapse: Why software is eating the IIoT
12:20 Panel: Creating the Industry 4.0 smart factory
13:00 Networking Break
14:00 Panel: Smart manufacturing
14:40 Boeing: Aerospace manufacturing data management systems
15:10 Networking Break
15:20 Panel: Predictive Maintenance
16:00 Tech Mahindra Case Study: Intelligent asset management
16:30 John Deere Case Study: IIoT - the connected farm
17:00 Close

Smart Cities

10:00 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:20 Keynote Panel: Smart cities on the move
11:00 Keynote: Our future belongs to smart cities
11:30 Networking Break
12:00 The future of urban mobility
12:30 Panel: Smart travelling - creating intelligent transport systems
13:10 Networking Break
14:00 Leadership for Digital Transformation
14:40 Panel: Cloud & Big Data as cornerstone for smart cities
15:10 Networking Break
15:30 Transforming cities - towards a connected government
16:00 Case Study: data driven innovation
16:30 Panel: smart grids, sustainable cities & innovations in energy
17:10 Close

Connected Services

10:00 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:20 Keynote: Insurance & IoT
10:50 Panel: Future direction for the IoT in insurance
11:30 Networking Break
12:00 Case Study: Softbank Robotics
12:30 Panel: security & mpayments?
13:10 Networking Break
14:00 VenueNext Case Study: The connected venue
14:30 How IoT can transform the healthcare industry
15:10 Geotab Case Study: Postal & Logistics
15:40 Networking Break
16:00 Keynote: Kaiser Permanente on Health IoT Innovation
16:30 Panel: Blockchain and the IoT
17:10 Close

IoT Innovations

10:30 Amyx+ – Mind-Bending Thought Technology & Advanced Data Analytics
11:00 Networking Break
12:00 The Future of Robotics
12:30 Networking Break
13:30 Explore the world of drones
14:00 BeeHex 3D Food Printing in Action
14:30 VR
15:00 Close

The Big IoT Meetup
16:00 IoT Industrial Internet Bay Area - Industrial Digital Thread for Big Machines
16:40 Silicon Valley IoT & Wearables Devices - Crowdsourcing: a conversation with the key players in the startup space on what makes for winning campaigns
17:20 IoT Central - The connected car
18:00 Contactless technologies & innovation - IoT and NFC, how does that work?
18:30 IoT Inc - Value creation with industrial IoT
19:00 Close

Prith Banerjee


Schneider Electric

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John Mattison, MD

Assistant Medical Director, Chief Medical Information Officer

Kaiser Permanente

Associated Talks:

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Wendy Warne

Technical Program Manager

Bluetooth SIG

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Patrick Bass


thyssenkrupp North America

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Jonathan Reichental

Chief Information Officer

City of Palo Alto

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Day Two

Developing & IoT

09:40 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:00 Developing and launching an IoT product
10:30 Panel: Creating an IoT standards framework
11:10 Ansys: Engineering the IoT
11:40 Testing in the IoT ecosystem
12:20 The Social IoT: What's next?
12:50 Networking Break
13:00 The IoT Startup State of the Union
13:30 Start-up panel: Funding your way in IoT
14:10 IoT start-up success stories
14:40 Sensoro's perspective on the connected physical world
15:10 Strategies for monetization
15:50 Close

Connected Industry

09:50 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:10 Keynote Panel: Digitalising heavy industry
10:50 Surviving and thriving digital transformation
11:20 Wirepas: Industrial IoT connectivity
11:50 Cummis: How can IoT affect customer expectations?
12:20 Panel: smart lighting & smart buildings
13:00 Networking Break
13:50 Panel: Smart logistics & supply chain management
14:30 Caterpillar: IIoT - what are the hurdles to making it a reality?
15:00 Networking Break
15:30 Geotab: Telematics as an accelerator
16:00 Konecranes: The pain - and gain - of becoming digital
16:30 Close

Connected Living

10:00 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:20 Keynote Panel: Are we entering the Connected Living era?
11:00 Case Study: Extracting business value from IoT
11:30 Networking Break
12:00 August Home: The consumer journey towards smart living
12:30 Ford: How to use open source to bring Apps into the car
13:00 Networking Break
14:00 Belkin: UX & UI Design – A smart approach to designing interfaces
14:30 Southern California Edison: Smarter living, smarter energy
15:00 Panel: Platforms, Smart Meters, Gateways & Hubs: Creating a seamless Connected Home ecosystem
15:40 Linked intelligence – the next step of IoT
16:10 Panel: Connected cars, autonomous driving and the future of mobility
16:50 Close

Data& Security

10:00 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:20 Keynote: Data is everything
10:50 Panel: IoT data analytics for intelligent decision making
11:30 Networking Break
12:00 Utilising the IoT for mass data collection and sharing
12:30 Logtrust: Defining data models for the IoT
13:00 Networking Break
14:00 Pwnie Express: Secrets to performing scalable analytics with IoT data
14:30 Panel: Tackling data security and privacy challenges of the IoT
15:10 Networking Break
15:40 Geotab: Creating a thriving Open Ecosystem Leveraging Big Data
16:10 Philips: Cyber security in the world of IoT
16:40 Close


10:00 Chairs welcome and opening remarks
10:20 Keynote: Functional, usable and wearable: The IoT evolution
10:50 Panel: Wearable technologies – an integral part of the IoE
11:30 Case Study: Adidas
12:00 Panel: Raising the bar – can IoT improve our fitness and performance?
12:40 Close

Shuchi Roy

Director of Innovations for Connected Home

Direct Energy, Centrica

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Colin Sutherland

Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing


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Dr. Julie Albright

Lecturer - Viterbi School of Engineering

University of Southern California

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Peter Taylor

Vice President of Products, WeMo

Belkin International

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Juha Pankakoski

Chief Digital Officer

Konecranes Plc

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Qaizar Hassonjee

VP Innovation, adidas Wearable Sports Electronics


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