Bluetooth Dedicated Session

The Expanding Role of Bluetooth in the IoT

With over 3 billion devices shipped every year, Bluetooth® technology is creating connections that power innovation, establish new markets and push the limits of wireless communication worldwide. After pioneering the wireless audio and connected device markets and ushering in the dawn of the global beacon revolution, Bluetooth is once again expanding the way in which things connect.


With the launch of its mesh topology, Bluetooth is unleashing the incredible potential of many-to-many communications and enabling homes, offices, factories and cities to move beyond being simply connected to being truly smart. Now tens, hundreds, and even thousands of devices, from small, battery operated sensors to mains powered lights and thermostats, can reliably and securely communicate with one another. And when built on Bluetooth, a mesh network is more than just a network of devices; it is a platform upon which to run new services and solutions, allowing buildings to become truly intelligent, manufacturers to become more efficient, and businesses to service their customers in new ways.


Taking place on November 29th on the ‘IoT Innovations & Technologies‘ stage at the IoT Tech Expo North America, Bluetooth will host a unique series of fireside chats which will tap some of the leading integrators, suppliers, customers and analysts to explore the impact a newly expanded range of fit-for-purpose network topologies from Bluetooth across multiple sectors, including Smart Industry, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and Smart Homes. From tracking patients and expensive equipment in hospitals, to connecting machines for improved predictive maintenance on factory floors, to intelligently controlling lighting, temperature, and air conditioning and monitoring occupancy and security in businesses, our panelists will explore how Bluetooth technology is transforming connected places into smart places.

The Host

Hosting the Bluetooth Workshop is Chuck Sabin, Senior Director, Business Strategy and Planning at Bluetooth SIG. In his role, Mr. Sabin is responsible for working with the Bluetooth Executive team, Board of Directors, and member companies to influence and drive the development of strategic business priorities for the Bluetooth SIG. Mr. Sabin has been a proud member of the Bluetooth SIG team for six years, and has an extensive background in marketing, product management, planning, and business development for enterprise servers, mobile operating systems, mobile devices, client software and services.