IoT News

IoT News magazine features the latest news, views, analysis and opinion on the Internet of Things ecosystem. Issue Q1 2017 includes key insights from Cisco, HCL Technologies, VMware, the IEEE and more. This edition covers everything from how blockchain can influence the IoT, to best practice for smart city development, to preparing for an IoT consumer-facing bot invasion in 2017.

Verizon Cloud

Stand 92

Verizon Cloud allows users to access and manage their content on any of their devices, even when they are on-the-go. If you are a developer, you can use Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs to create apps that let your users access the content stored in their Verizon Cloud accounts from your app. As such, Verizon Cloud service can provide both the content


Stand 265

CENTRI provides advanced security for the Internet of Things.  Our technology helps organizations secure what matters most in IoT – their data. CENTRI reduces the risk of data theft and loss of equipment command by establishing trusted devices and advanced encryption technology while retaining complete visibility to all activity. CENTRI maximizes IoT device uptime and protects the data in transit, at rest


Stand 263

Ubuntu is the leading open-source platform for cloud, personal-computing and next-generation devices. It ships on millions of PCs annually and enables next-generation devices at the heart of the internet of things. Ubuntu Core is the Ubuntu for IoT, a stripped down version of the software. It is designed to run securely on autonomous machines, devices and other internet-connected digital things. From homes to drones, these devices are set


Stand 195

Powered by an open platform of real world problem solvers, Convetit brings professionals together for intense dialogues in online moderated engagements. These hands-on experiences provide an unbiased view into where markets and solutions are headed next. Pivot faster than your competition and get breakthrough perspective with curated teams of experts, on demand.

Ayla Networks

Stand 200

Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT Platform, accelerating development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things.  Ayla’s software fabric runs across devices, cloud, and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich customer experiences. Offered as a cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Ayla’s flexibility and modularity enables rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud,


Stand 41

Infostretch is a leading mobile application enablement company with a focus on development, testing, sustenance and monitoring. Their innovative tools, platforms and frameworks power enterprise mobile solutions. Infostretch has been providing expert mobile solutions and services since 2004 to various enterprises to help them mobilize, monetize and thrive.

Tech Mahindra

Stand 119

Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology services and solutions, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise™. We are a USD 4.0 billion company with 107,200+ professionals across 90 countries, helping over 818 global customers including Fortune 500 companies. Our innovation platforms and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to deliver tangible business value


Stand 165

Geotab is a global leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking, known as telematics. Fortune 500 companies, many of the largest fleets in North America, rely on Geotab’s scalable, open platform technology solutions to help improve fleet productivity, efficiency, compliance, and driver safety. To learn more, please visit www.geotab.com


Stand 121

RTI provides the connectivity platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. Our RTI Connext® messaging software forms the core nervous system for smart, distributed applications. RTI Connext allows devices to intelligently share information and work together as one integrated system. RTI was named “The Most influential Industrial Internet of Things Company” in 2014 by Appinions and published in Forbes. Our customers span


Redefining simplicity in smart home control, Knocki transforms ordinary surfaces including walls, tables, doors, and more into powerful and highly accessible remote controls for connected devices and software.


Stand 212

Rigado delivers smart wireless solutions for a connected world. They offer certified low-energy wireless modules and tools to accelerate development for Bluetooth Low Energy & Thread, as well as their DeviceOps platform for secure over-the-air updating. Rigado’s engineering team has partnered with consumer, commercial & industrial clients to launch over 100 IoT products.


Stand 188

For more than 30 years, Autodesk software has helped designers, engineers, visual artists, students and makers imagine, design and create a better world. Advances in accessible 3D design and fabrication technology are disrupting the design, engineering and entertainment professions, as we know them. As a result, Autodesk is expanding beyond our design roots and applying our industry insights to usher in a


Stand 234

As a division of Podsystem Group, we form part of an independent MVNO specializing in data connectivity solutions. At PodsystemM2M, we specialize in multi-network and multi-IMSI data connectivity solutions for the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors, offering reliable coverage worldwide, flexible pricing plans and 24 hour support with our team of M2M experts. For more information please


SmartyPans: Cook with Freedom, Track with Ease. SmartyPans is a beautifully designed modern day cooking system that makes home cooking fun and interactive. With in-built weight and temperature sensors SmartyPans interacts with users through voice command.  SmartyPans teaches you how to cook with customized step by step cooking instructions. It also document and share your recipes in real time. SmartyPans computes nutrition


Stand 145

Lantronix, Inc. is a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) and information technology (IT) assets. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT gateways that enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing secure access to data for applications and people. With more than two

Flexera Software

Stand 90

Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises manage application usage and increase the value they derive from their software. Our next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimize software investments and future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. Over 80,000 customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral

Synapse Wireless

Stand 170

Synapse Wireless specializes in providing software, hardware, and networking solutions to develop, deploy, and manage the “Things” in IoT. We enable corporations, product companies, and business partners to make their products smarter and to manage products wirelessly. By connecting the physical world of “Things” to the digital world of IoT, our customers can monitor, control, optimize, and manage their products in ways


Stand 232

InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the world’s leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything™ targets the consumer electronics and industrial markets with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. Our solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors,


Stand 230

The Nerdery is a custom software design and development company built on the belief that passionate nerds are the driving force behind business breakthroughs, focused on providing mobile application, web application, website, systems integration and digital consulting solutions. Headquartered in the Twin Cities, The Nerdery has offices in Chicago, Kansas City and Phoenix. Founded by three programming pioneers in 2003, The Nerdery


Stand 68

Sensoro, founded in July 2013 at the Microsoft Ventures’ accelerator, is committed to the construction of a large aware- mobile Internet data network, integrating intelligent sensor and the mobile Internet. Based on the profound foundation of data analysis, we are contributed to arm the traditional retail, service and finance industries with the latest digitized strategies. As a pioneer in research and practical

QNAP Systems

Stand 80

QNAP, Inc., as its brand promise “Quality Network Appliance Provider”, aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and

Starship Technologies

Stand 33

Starship Technologies have created the world’s first commercially available autonomous delivery robot. The last-mile delivery industry is notoriously inefficient, costly and inconvenient for both businesses and end customers. With e-commerce growing at over 10% a year, more congestion, pollution and cost is inevitable using traditional delivery methods and it is unsustainable. Using safe and secure Starship Robots enables customers to enjoy on-demand 24/7 delivery for


Stand 21

Scriptr.io is a powerful cloud-based or on-premise IoT application development platform that allows developers and integrators to build elegant IoT applications that benefit from cloud scalability and JavaScript simplicity. Scriptr.io solves the interoperability issues between Enterprise applications and IoT-based service providers. The scriptr.io javascript based development environment has pre-built connectors to major IoT platforms and Enterprise systems, enabling customers to accelerate development


Stand 198

Lemonbeat GmbH is the creator of an innovative and universal communication language, Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL), for the Internet of Things. The language enables the direct, independent interaction between different devices, thus reducing the reliance on costly „translation“ which usually takes place in cloud services or gateways.  The language, currently in discussion as the basis for an internet standard within W3C,


Stand 116

GrammaTech enables organizations to develop software applications more efficiently, on-budget and on-schedule by helping to eliminate harmful defects that can cause system failures, enable data breaches and ultimately increase corporate liabilities in today’s connected world. GrammaTech is the developer of CodeSonar, the most powerful source and binary code analysis solution available today. Extraordinarily precise, CodeSonar finds, on average, 2 times more serious

Rohde & Schwarz

Stand 168

Test and measurement solutions for IoT from Rohde & Schwarz support all major cellular and non-cellular technologies. Our comprehensive product portfolio offers the right testing solutions for your IoT device from the first product idea through the full product development lifecycle. Some testing requirements may seem complicated and time-consuming, but as a leader in wireless communications, Rohde & Schwarz is your partner,


Stand 177

Rev.io, recognized as an Inc. 5000 company, provides sophisticated billing and customer management solutions that solve mission-critical problems for providers with recurring and metered service offerings. Their highly reliable and secure platform gives access to tools and integrations that help clients lower overhead, scale their business and get to market with speed. To learn more about Rev.io, go to email at info@rev.io, or visit the


Stand 88

Logtrust specializes in offering real-time BigData solutions that allow the integration, management and easy visualization of all the data generated by an organization to obtain operational and business intelligence. Logtrust’s mission is to democratize real-time BigData analysis tools for companies of all sizes and sectors, enabling them to maximize their business value with security intelligence, infrastructure monitoring, compliance, customer behavior and business

Pulzze Systems

Stand 40

Pulzze Systems Inc, is tech-based company headquartered in Silicon Valley creating a new way to solve interaction problems. Co-founders who have worked for Cisco previously, have lots of experience in business operations, network engineering, software development and consulting services. Pulzze team believes that more interaction remove barriers not only in industry but also in human society.

Optimal Design

Stand 203

Optimal Design is an award-winning, product development and IoT solutions firm.  For over 15 years we have leveraged our in-house industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software teams to deliver impactful product innovation to our clients.  Our core competency is design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, ZigBee, and NFC into connected devices for

Slightech Inc.

Stand 118

Slightech, Apply cutting-edge ideas to create an exciting experience We are a group of inventors that enjoy working on smart wearables and connected home devices. We strive to engineer seamless system of hardware, software, and cloud services.

Tectonic Engineering

Stand 173

Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants, P.C. is a full-service, multi-disciplined, professional engineering firm founded in 1986. The Company’s success stems from a philosophy of providing clients with superior service through a staff of quality-minded professionals. Simply, we “ensure our clients’ success by providing practical solutions and exceptional service within a positive work environment.” An ENR Top 200 Firm, Tectonic provides capabilities in

IQP Corporation

Stand 130

IQP Corporation’s development and run-time environment provides a complete solution for working with data from sensors, devices, streaming video and to create code-free cross platform Business and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IQP enables anyone to quickly and easily create IoT-ready Apps – from end-users to sophisticated programmers, using a web-based visual programming interface. IQP Apps run as web applications on any

Eco Engine

Stand Start-Up

Eco Engine is a innovative IoE (Internet of Everything) tech start-up, based in London and operating on a global level, delivering next generation software and hardware solutions for the emerging industrial IoT sector. L.A.T (Logistics Asset Tracking) is a hybrid IoT and M2M monitoring & testing platform, delivering real M2M/4.5G data and mobility services, capable of testing current and future access technologies. The

Action Point

Stand 68

Action Point is an IoT custom software development company and IoT systems integrator. Our team of experts can make any IoT concept a commercially viable reality. You need an IoT partner who can offer you a true end to end solution, a partner with proven experience, a partner that understands IoT. Action Point is that partner. Close partnerships with some of the

Systena America Inc.

Stand 169

Systena America Inc. is a Silicon Valley based IT company from Japan and has been in the US since November, 2013. Along with our office in California, we opened our second office in Kansas in March, 2015. Our product portfolio includes both software and hardware.  We specialize in supporting certification, field testing and verification for various smartphone carriers and manufacturers in the US. Our industry leading iR700B Router

ZingBox Inc.

Stand 132

ZingBox detects and protects the connected equipment. It provides unparalleled visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to reveal existing vulnerabilities and hidden threats. ZingBox is a real-time IoT security solution that protects enterprises from cyber and insider threats. Deployed in a non-intrusive way, ZingBox discovers, identifies and classifies assets into IoT categories. It then learns and generates a baseline of normal device behavior


Stand 240

Tibbo is an international group of companies specializing in hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure management, industrial and building automation, remote monitoring and service, physical access control, and data center management. The two member companies of the group are Tibbo Technology and Tibbo Systems. Tibbo Technology manufactures BASIC- and C-programmable IoT modules and controllers for the


Stand 155

Founded in 2004, AMA is 1 in 10 companies, certified “Glass Partner” by Google, worldwide. Sister company of Ubisoft & Guillemot, AMA launched a teleassistance solution on smart glasses, Xpert Eye, adapted to particular uses starting with the medical sector in May 2015. Xpert Eye allowed the World Premiere Live retransmission of a surgery between Dr. Collin (St Grégoire, France) and Dr.

Cognito Networks

Stand 183

Cognito Networks delivers a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables enterprises to easily manage multivendor sensor data to make better business decisions and streamline operations. IT and Operations administrators can integrate data from sensors, actuators, cameras, and connected things to rapidly innovate new applications without compromising multivendor management and interoperability. Our customers and partners have successfully used Cognito solutions for applications such as energy management, ventilation

Bloomsky, Inc

Stand 117

BloomSky is the world’s leading smart weather network building a hyperlocal weather observation community on the ground, capable of reporting real-time variations in weather conditions on demand. With hardware, software and data solutions as the key components to the BloomSky ecosystem, precise weather data is easily accessible in the palm of your hand. BloomSky has been deploying a vast network of wireless all-in-one hardware system—including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind and rain sensors along with a high-resolution camera. With a robust data analysis infrastructure, accurate sensors and


Stand 100

H5Controls™ is the Operating System for the Internet of Things providing common services for controlling interactions between the people, places and assets it connects. Through seamless integration of assets, access points and software located anywhere H5 is the bridge between the logical and physical worlds.


BELLE is a beautiful line of jewelry with invisible technology and artificial intelligence. The first two pieces include a ring and bracelet that’s a personal security alarm and tracks your fitness. The products are designed by both Celebrity-A List Stylist & Fashion Trendsetter, DARPA & SpaceX Rocket Scientist & certified expert in consumer stickiness. Every product is beautiful, provides a seamless safety

Dovas Law

Stand 178

Intellectual property, which includes ideas, inventions and the like, may not intuitively appear to be “property” in the usual sense. However, in our modern world, ideas are frequently valued more highly than the physical products that result from those ideas, so diligent protection of intellectual property has become vital for businesses large and small in every industry. There are various tools for

Inductive Automation

Stand 76

At Inductive Automation, our mission is to create industrial software that empowers our customers to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles. By cross-pollinating IT with SCADA technologies, we created Ignition software, the first universal industrial automation platform with unlimited potential. Today, Ignition is empowering industrial organizations around the world and in virtually every industry with


Stand Start-Up

On-demand and ready for immediate service or schedule for your future times of need. It’s that simple. The EZER App connects drivers with trucks and vans to individuals and businesses that need something picked up and delivered.


Remocam makes Smart Home devices. Its first product, Remocam, is a Smart Home security camera that can not only monitor homes but also control different devices that come with an infrared remote control. Remocam is the first and only security camera that can control devices with a remote control. Its second product, RemoBell, is a wireless video doorbell. With RemoBell’s mobile app,


Stand 236

Connected Wireless Devices Innovations (CWD) designs and develops products for Smart Homes. With bold and futuristic designs, the products developed empower the consumer with Smart Living solutions that are practical yet contemporary. Branded as KEIA our suite of products feature enhanced security, comfort, luxury and more importantly utility. With designers from Italy, software development in India and Israel, manufacturing in China and electronics in


FenSens makes parking safe and simple with a smart license frame & automated mobile app (iOS, Android) experience. Patent Pending.

Teevr Data

Stand 187

Sensors to Insights in days with 40x compression of data Do you need to move a lot of sensor data to your cloud analytics platform but due to cost of cellular/satellite communications you are being forced to make compromises? Do you want to get quick results from your sensor data without any programming? Teevr’s customers in Mining, Transportation (Trains and Buses), Remote


HEXO+ is a flying camera that follows and films you autonomously. Squadrone System initially began thinking about HEXO+ because they needed a solution that would make aerial filming possible in the most remote places: on mountains, in the snow, and in all sorts of unpredictable situations that were quite a pain to deal with when trying to sync a drone pilot, a cameraman

Argus Insights

Stand 182

Argus Insights is a privately-held company located in Los Gatos, Calif., and founded in 2009 based on Stanford PhD research by CEO John Feland. Feland started Argus to help other product designers deliver products that resonate with the market. “There’s no reason for to have bad products” John states “Users are quick and prolific in providing feedback that can be used to

CogMaze Diagnostics

Cogmaze is developing innovative technologies for cognitive assessment and disease tracking for Alzheimer Disease. Our technology is based on a behavioural algorithm which assesses and tracks potential deterioration patient’s memories over time through his usage of a smartphone. The technology is being currently developed in cooperation with 2 Clinical Trials.

Sanchir Tech

Stand 31

We believe in technological convenience and freedom. Our teams are working hard to create new ways to make modern busy life-styles a little bit simpler. If you would like to collaborate, or simply need our services, please contact us. Our expertise: In-depth and wide ranging experience in modern hardware and system applications, including IOT LoRaWAN and REST/MQTT technology Designing analog and digital


Born in 2014 from the simple idea of making 3D printing accessible to everyone, founders Filippo Moroni and Pietro Gabriele worked on new technology to develop a high quality 3D printer that was affordable and easy to use. Their goal was to make the most diffused printer in the world and to develop a worldwide community around it. After 2 years of

FastStream Technologies

Stand 196

FastStream Technologies helps the world’s leading industrial, manufacturing, telecom and retail companies design and build hardware and software systems for the world of IoT-connected services.  For over 5 years, our advanced global mechanical, electrical and software-engineering groups have developed prototypes and production systems to innovate our clients’ business. From FPGA design to thermal and hardware analysis; from board bringup to embedded systems


Stand 205

Founded September 2015 in Berlin. We are specialised in creating brain sensing hardware and software. Our product will be the first “made in Germany” Neurofeedback device for mobile and personal use worldwide. Neurofox makes sharpened focus and deep relaxation easy through brain sensing technology to provide the tool to safeguard and increase brain power with sustainable and evidence based results. Our hardware

Monday Motorbikes

Stand 82

Monday Motorbikes was started with a simple challenge of electrifying a 1978 Puch Magnum. Dr. Nathan Jauvtis took that challenge and built a company around the amazing machine he created. The M-1 revolutionizes the way we get around the city as an approachable, stylish, and affordable alternative to the existing transportation options of today. If you can ride a bike, you can


Angee Inc. is a San Francisco-based startup founded by Tomas Turek. Its goal is to make home security smarter and more affordable, and expand the scope and utility of an inter-connected home or office. Angee Inc. is partnering with Dragon Innovations, a hardware startup consultant, on technical due diligence and serial production. Angee will be available starting in October 2016.


Stand 110

Accelerite’s software suite of cloud, IoT solutions and advanced endpoint management make it easy for enterprises to simplify and secure today’s complex, ever-evolving infrastructure. Fortune 500s, SMEs, operators, service providers and VARs around the world rely on Accelerite products to secure connected enterprises from a single pane view, quickly and easily build private and public enterprise clouds, and bring connected things to

Loadstar Sensors

Stand 97

Loadstar Sensors designs and builds digital sensors and interface electronics that make it easy to connect with PCs and SmartPhones via USB, WiFi or Cellular communications. We offer capacitive and resistive load cells as well as force, torque, displacement, pressure and level sensors. In addition, we offer easy to use software to access sensor data via PCs and Smartphones locally as well as through the


Stand 206

Volansys is an innovative technology Solutions & Services company. We cater complete Product Development Life Cycle from concept through prototyping to manufacturing & support to realize your ideas to reality. As an end-to-end Design, Development & services company in the area of Embedded Systems, Mobility, Cloud and Business/Enterprise Applications. Volansys is delivering exceptional business value to its clients. We work hand in


Stand 77

IoTium is a network infrastructure software company that builds secure, scalable and easy-to-deploy software-defined networks for industrial and enterprise IoT. IoTium’s SDN solution for IoT completely abstracts out the underlying network infrastructure complexity and is used for machine to machine communication in a slew of verticals. IoTium’s offering is a secure, cloud-managed, software defined IoT Network, delivered as a managed service. It

Metron Force™

Metron Force™ is a Silicon Valley startup that has created the world’s smallest smart wristband for device radio control (RC) using wrist gestures. It is redefining the RC controller market by displacing traditional clunky controllers with wearable technology. It allows an unmatched ability to control many devices at once, with switching between devices being as simple as just a tap of the

Open Source Storage

Stand 42

We are experts in scalable systems. Open Source Storage solutions are designed to offer choices and flexibility with our products designed as building blocks supporting end-to-end scalability ranging from startups to large scale enterprise systems. Products include cloud, data storage, and media systems built using highly integrated open source software and open standards hardware reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by an


CryptoMove is a new stealth Silicon Valley startup building IoT custom-cloud data infrastructure. CryptoMove changes the game with active moving target defense — ensuring data availability, integrity, and confidentiality in distributed and de-centralized systems. This unlocks adoption of IoT, drones, and hybrid cloud. CryptoMove is VC-backed by Tim Draper and Fortune 500 security, IoT, and cloud leaders.

Develco Products

Stand 81

Develco Products delivers a wireless platform for solution providers within the smart home and energy management industries. We develop, produce, and markets high-volume customized products for companies supplying end-users with IoT solutions. We are experts in wireless communication and have more than 10 years of experience in developing products based on a wide range of wireless technologies. We take pride in advancing

Reality Analytics

Stand 245a

Reality Analytics enables devices to understand reality in image, sound, acceleration, vibration and other sensor inputs.  Our technology is based on patented, advanced artificial intelligence techniques – optimized for sensor inputs – that get results often unattainable with other tools.

Winjit Technologies

Stand 249

Winjit Inc is an award winning technology company for providing IT product and solutions globally. With its roots in USA, Winjit has now developed an IoT platform which will enable businesses to move from traditional technology implementation to smarter, real time and advanced technological transformation. Winjit’s IoT Gateway Device Management is the best example of how legacy devices and existing eco-system can

Candy House

Have you ever thought about using your phone to open the lock to your home? Our product, Sesame is a smart device that can turn your traditional deadbolt into a smart lock. So you can now use an App to lock/unlock your door. Candy House Inc. was founded in 2014 by students of Stanford and Entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. We focus


Stand 197

WonderVoice is a leading provider of contextual speech OS for the IoT. Enabling a personalized, always-on, hands-free interaction between humans and devices and visa versa. WonderVoice takes advantage of it’s proprietary personalized NLP and AI technologies to bring suite of solutions for the conversational interfaces era and connected life style. http://wondervoiceapp.com/  


Stand 67

If you’ve ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge, or put on wearable technology, chances are you’ve used a product where ANSYS software played a critical role in its creation. ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. We help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically


Chui is an intelligent access control system that uses a blend of facial recognition, NFC, and proprietary technology capable of learning with time to make faster and more secure decisions for granting access. Chui provides analytics on flow of people, frequency of visits, peak hours and so forth.


Stand 86

OnRule is a cloud-based platform developed by compliance engineers to help organizations exercise better control and increase visibility over their product regulatory compliance. Companies big and small use OnRule to simplify the process of monitoring, communicating and reporting product certification status across markets, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and giving compliance teams bandwidth to focus on evaluating the latest regulations and improving

AR Devices

Stand TBC

AR Devices is a young startup company founded by a group of sport enthusiast and engineers. We aim to develop versitile and affordable augmented reality products focus on sport applications. Our current and first product, GogglePal, is an unversally mountable head-up display that can fit onto any snow goggle. With GogglePal, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with friends, track performance,

ICON Smartech

Stand TBC

ICON Smartech, a tech startup in Silicon Valley and makes a home Dashboard. ICON Dashboard is a wall-mounted touchscreen display in place of thermostat that allows families to monitor many smart home devices, enables a suite of family apps and services. The Dashboard is the 4th & only live display at home, opens to 3rd party apps & services so highly customizable


Stand 198

emberlight has build a full technology platform to turn any light into a smart light. Our initial product, the emberlight smart socket, has been featured on CNET, Yahoo, TechCrunch, Huffington Post and Popular Mechanics. We offer a complete platform for manufacturers to integrate emberlight connectivity and intelligence into lighting products, such as bulbs, fixtures and switches, allowing you to rapidly deliver compelling

ClearBlade Inc,

Stand 129

ClearBlade Novi is the enterprise Internet of Things platform to rapidly engineer and run real-time, scalable IoT applications.  Novi enables companies to build IoT solutions that make streaming data actionable by combining business rules and machine learning with powerful visualizations and integrations to existing business systems.  Built from an enterprise-first perspective, the Novi Platform runs securely in any vendor cloud, on-premise, or


We enable cheaper, faster, and better genetic engineering of plants. We offer our platform both as a service to other companies and use it internally to develop our own engineered plants. We make money from platform access service fees and from royalties on the sale of the final products. Our first product is a Glowing Plant, which was the first Kickstarter for


Stand 247

BaseN provides new ways to capture, process, visualize and control enormous amounts of data in real-time – which can help businesses in various industries improve what they do, and how they do it. The BaseN service is a next generation SaaS (Software as a Service) suite that enables you to gather system, network and cloud measurement data and arrange the information in

AG Smart Home Security

Stand 196



Stand 79

In 2015, Anjan, Jordan French, Chintan Kanuga and Ben Feltner launched BeeHex to provide fresh pizza made from the finest ingredients. The pizza is not only visually appealing but delicious, creating excitement among chefs, restaurant chains, theme parks, and food brands. BeeHex uses clean robots to make pizza in under 4 minutes that would otherwise take a human 9 minutes. Shouldn’t you

CAT Clutch

The CAT Clutch is a smart phone connected LED handbag that makes you stand out in a crowd. From our app, you can choose animation LED pixel art designs curated from our network of artists, create your own LED designs, and display text messages. More at catclutch.com.

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