Stand No: 205

Digital innovation for biotech.

A4BEE: team of passionate engineers, architects, developers, business consultants, who through their work aim to create a positive impact for individuals, our company, country, clients, communities. All while running a sustainable company.
Our toolkit is based on the adoption of emerging technology, which can solve some crucial challenges for humanity.

Thanks to years of experience working in corporations like IBM, Accenture we know how to use modern technology (IoT, blockchain, AI, cloud, AR) to transform businesses, bringing them a new digital quality, developing new values.

We have a solid base of global biotech clients whom we support on business projects, digitalization, and automatization of manufacturing processes. We also cooperate with clients of different sectors: high-scale manufacturing, healthcare, factory processes optimization, robotics, academia – to support their way to digitalization.

We established cooperation with Yaskawa Poland and Advantech, with the idea of taking manufacturing optimization to the next level.

R&D In 2019 – we were ready to spin-off a dedicated team to focus on R&D (A4BEE Digital Lab), and the growth of our own ventures as well.
Digital Lab focuses on technology scouting through research and development, rapid prototyping, and technology retrofitting. As of now, we have tone digital ventures on the MDP phase (eg. biotech smart components), two on PoC (working prototype), and one on the MVP phase.