Aertight Systems, Inc.
Stand No: 633

Aertight Systems, Inc. was formed in 2004 and is headquartered in Millersville, MD. The Aertight team combines experienced IT personnel with electrical industry veterans experienced in working on full design-build SCADA and ICS systems with national visibility. In 2019, Aertight announced the widespread availability of its patent-pending product, the revolutionary Aertight Server Platform.

Aertight’s Aertight Server Platform is the culmination of years of design and development that focused on the goal of ruggedizing a system most engineers are familiar with, the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows Server. Aertight’s product is wall-mount, rugged, fanless, modular, and combined with a touchscreen display. Aertight realized a need for this type of system in edge computing environments where air-gaps and isolation are very common for both IoT and controls networks. With the Aertight Server Platform, operations personnel can be much more independent, which lowers the financial and technical hurdles to air-gapping a network.

Using the Aertight Server Platform, developers can design and develop IoT networks that don’t require endless and expensive support contracts from the hardware manufacturer. IoT data hosting has been dominated by either proprietary onsite hardware or cloud based server systems, and with Aertight’s new system, IoT can achieve the dream of true operational independence and air-gapped security at the same time.

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