Allegro Software
Stand No: 586

Secure Software for the Internet of Things

The Internet is the dominant tool people use to connect with businesses and each other. Not only do humans heavily utilize the Internet, many products and machines are network enabled and make effective use of connectivity and interoperability to broaden their appeal and product life. The networking software embedded in these new devices is a key for their success. Allegro Software Development Corporation is a leading provider of embedded software development toolkits used worldwide to enable Internet connectivity, embedded device security and machine to machine interoperability.

Over 200,000,000 machines have been shipped using the Allegro family of Internet Software Toolkits for Embedded Devices. Allegro created the first embedded web server toolkits in 1996, giving device manufacturers cost effective building blocks to implement web interfaces within their products. Today, Allegro’s RomPager is the most widely used embedded Web server toolkit in the marketplace. Allegro is also a leading provider of UPnP and DLNA technologies for networked consumer devices. Allegro’s RomPlug UPnP and DLNA Toolkits enable many HDTVs, amplifiers and media servers with interoperable connectivity. Our software is used in data communications products, enterprise products, consumer electronics, home gateways, medical equipment, industrial automation, automotive technology and more.

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