Bay Voice

Sound of Hope Radio Network(SOH) is a non-profit 501©3 radio station based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The station is committed to delivering a comprehensive radio service to the worldwide Chinese community in the forms of news, cultural and entertainment programs.
Founded by a group of Silicon Valley engineers and operating from May 2003, the radio network provides independent around-the-clock news reporting and originally produced audio programs via AM/FM and shortwave radio, websites and mobile apps. It currently focuses on two major markets, US and China.
In the US, SOH broadcasts to San Francisco Bay Area via KSQQ FM 96.1, KQEB-LP FM 96.9, KVTO AM 1400 and partners with 15 other public radio stations to bring its highly regarded programs to major cities where China people concentrate, such as New York, LA, Houston, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and Hawaii.
SOH’s US broadcasting addresses the key needs of Chinese Americans and offers value-rich information on many areas, such as car, health, gardening, education, career growth, entrepreneurship and understanding America, etc. It also conducts in-depth reporting of social issues that of major concern to Chinese America community.
SOH aims to grow into the first national Chinese public network, reaching more than half of the 4-million Chinese American population, to inform them, service them, and help them understand and appreciate the America values, and become a positive contributor to the country that they now call home. SOH also aims to build a smooth and stable “bridge” between Chinese community with mainstream America, through its powerful radio network and unique dual-language simul-translation programs.