Stand No: 351

Bot3 was founded in 2014 in the Silicon Valley and is the leading provider of robotic visual navigation. We design and develop cutting-edge VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and deep learning technologies that provide trackless solution for AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and indoor mobile robots, allowing them to navigate autonomously.

Compared with conventional magnetic-tape or QR-code guidance, Bot3 BB-16-VSLAM trackless solution has two main advantages: (1) No need to setup the working environment in advance; (2) No need to worry about the safety of workers alongside the robots. Furthermore, it can be used as a complement to improve the performance of indoor laser-vision mobile robots in the market by solving the limitations of LiDAR solution.

Bot3’s autonomous navigation solution is ideal for robotic vacuum cleaner, warehousing and industrial automation. It provides optimal solution for robotic intelligent trackless navigation by utilizing advanced visual navigation and artificial intelligence technologies.

Currently we are collaborating with several AGV and mobile-robot manufacturers to improve their robot performance. If you are interested and would like more information about our products, software, and services available, we strive to answer and exceed all questions and expectations.