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We deliver high accuracy location data for locating, analyzing and visualizing your critical business information.

At BuildingFootprintUSA™, we develop next-generation geolocation data centered on the built environment — where people live, work, shop and play. Our hyper-accurate building data helps you make critical decisions that are highly dependent on location. Where is the insured asset, what are its attributes, and what risks are nearby? How do structures, their heights and building contents define how you create your 5G network? Where are customers in relation to commercial buildings? BuildingFootprintUSA data solutions answer these questions for you and more. We help you minimize risk, efficiently build out infrastructure and networks, engage with customers and reduce expenditures.

BuildingFootprintUSA data solutions currently power:

• Insurance companies determining the risk of wildfire and flood peril to their portfolio
• Telco companies analyzing the buildout of fiber and wireless solutions
• Energy companies making planning, investment and maintenance decisions
• GIS companies building out high accuracy geocoding solutions
• and much more

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