C2S Technologies
Stand No: 251

C2S Technologies was founded in 2005 and is focused primarily in IT Technology consulting services. In 2015 C2S created a subdivision called Naviz Analytics, primarily focusing on Data Analytics, AI, and IoT Solutions.

The primary focus of businesses of all sizes is to build work flows and maintain profitability. We at Naviz read business data and build data warehouse systems to derive insights from these business work flows using our predefined BI, AI, and IoT frameworks such as Data Integration, Data Visualization, AI BOTs, IoT Hardware, and IoT Integrators. These frameworks and solutions will help businesses to stay focused on their growth and save their money and time, in other words, the ROI.

One of our flagship products is nVino, an IoT platform, which was originally developed to serve vineyards. Later, it became our most promising product for Precision Farming for a variety of major crops, such orchids, ornamental trees, and vegetables. Our platform enables farmers to make precise decisions, which include effective watering, yield predictions, disease predictions, and Calculate Growing Degrees to find the most optimal time to harvest.

nVino includes edge devices (nodes) with sensors (Soil Moisture, soil pH, Temperature, Humidity, Leaf Wetness, Ambient Light, Rain Gauge Sensor, etc.). These edge devices are connected with a built-in mesh network using either XBee or LoRa modules, which connect to our Gateway hardware. The Gateway pushes the data from nodes to leading IoT cloud service providers, either Microsoft Azure IoT HUB or Amazon AWS IoT. From the Cloud we run Business Analytics using our predefined Data Integration and Data Visualization frameworks and apply Machine Learning for disease & yield predictions.