Cityzen Data
Stand No: 338

Cityzen Data is the software editor of Warp10, an open source solution to manage Time Series, Geo Time Series™ or any kind of sequence data in a horizontal and industrial perspective. It includes :

  • Warp10 Storage Engine available on 3 versions: distributed (Hbase), on premise (LevelDB) and embedded,
  • Warp10 Analytics Engine : #800 data analytics functions + a language (WarpScript) fully compatible with Pig, Spark, Flink … including interfaces with MS Azure HDInsight, IBM BigInsights, Amazon EMR, GE Predix, Palantir …

Functions and algorithms cover cleansing, synchronisation, detection of patterns … until predictive analysis (machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence).

Operational operations : energy, transport, automotive, aeronautics, telecommunications, insurances, smart cities, agriculture, health …