Stand No: 304

Dragino Technology Co., Limited is founded by experienced engineers in 2011. Our background is telecom field and we are specialists in product design/developing/manufacturing. Dragino’s mission is to help customers to solve the connectivity problem and enhance the performance of MCU such as AVR. Another important mission of Dragino is to help customer to make new commercial/stable products in less time,low cost , low risk even for low quantity. We wish through our effort, more innovation products can be made for the market, in a commerical, professional form. Dragino is an open source hardware provider, we help customers to design their solutions based on open concept. Customers are free to modify their solution /hardware and Dragino is always trying the best to help customers doing this. We believe this is the way to improve products from time to time. We put ourselves in an open environment and we believe this will push us to improve our service from day to day.