Stand No: 221

Elevāt, a Seattle-based Industrial IoT company focused on connecting the Industrial World. We believe real value will be realized when connecting people, machinery, and partners to make data driven decisions. Elevāt powers the ecosystem of Smart Manufacturers, Smart Machinery, & Smart Connected Fleets to deliver Smart Services, Smart Products, and Smart Outcomes to the marketplace.

Unlike other IoT solutions in the market, Elevāt isn’t just another jumble of building blocks that have to be cobbled together from scratch to create something meaningful or valuable (tired of seeing yet another “smart light bulb” do-it-yourself tutorial?). Elevāt is the industry’s first complete out-of-the-box Enterprise-ready system for tackling the problems of managing intelligent assets through their entire life cycles. Elevāt is a holistic solution that is agnostic – able to work seamlessly with any gateway or connected device. We do this via our high performance, secure, industry-standards-based Gateway REST API web services.

Access to the Elevāt solution takes only seconds, and the entire system has been designed from the ground up with usability as one of the core tenets. Companies can jump right in and take full advantage of the platform across their entire user base without any development, training, or instruction required. The Elevāt user interface is optimized for full web, tablet, and mobile form factors, providing complete access from anywhere at anytime.