Stand No: 552

Helioenergia Sp. z oo is the only official distributor of IRISS infrared windows in Poland. We provide the highest quality solutions for a safe, fast and reliable thermovision inspection . The American company IRISS is a world leader in the production of infrared windows and a pioneer in the thermography market.

Helioenergia was founded in 2009 in the town of Czerwionka-Leszczyny in the province Silesia. The Polish and global energy market is very well known to us, as we have extensive experience in the trade of energy industry products.

We are currently selling and assembling IRISS infrared windows that allow you to increase the safety and efficiency of the measurement process of live electrical equipment. Thanks to the use of windows , infrared inspection is carried out without opening panels, by one person, and the whole audit takes only 5-6 minutes. It’s 90% less time than before!