Stand No: 409

To create a platform that helps in faster scaling of IoT by breaking the skill, complexity & cost barriers between IoT Development community and IoT Product builder’s community.

While many companies are building High Productivity Application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) solution which are application abstraction layers that helps in easier and faster IoT development we are addressing the ground level problem of building core skills in engineers and helping them to connect with IoT product development opportunities. The developers get to learn and get paid as they master their IoT skills.

Hurify is an innovative decentralized blockchain platform tries to bridge the gap between the IOT solution builders with world-class IoT experts . It’s a free decentralized marketplace that allows connection between people wanting to create an IOT product with the developers who can built their product without a middleman. Developers can list the services for free and IOT clients can browse for services. Hurify is based on Ethereum blockchain.