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Industrial OEMs encounter a myriad of deterrents due to technological advancements, market shifts, and resource constraints. A proactive approach from decision makers at central teams such as Product Management, Revenue, Operations, and Engineering (R&D) to anticipate, adapt, and resolve these challenges in alignment with Sales, Marketing, and Company Board Members attracts a burning need for Business Transformation.

In the era of “adapt or die,” given the enormous investments manufacturers make in business innovation and transformation, the stakes are incredibly high. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand that the mere use of conventional methods may not suffice to keep up the growth and revenue sustainability and thus demand a product that fits the mold for a smart choice.

IoT83 is the only product technology company enabling global organizations to adapt to the business transformation through its OEM Enterprise Domain Cloud Platform (OEDC), going beyond the near-term “save money approach” to “solution ownership,” resulting in a truly Connected Business Model to become Future-ready.

Our pragmatic approach empowers OEMs to start at 83% of project progress, enabling faster time to market by allowing them to focus only on the remaining 17% of core application logic, enabling smart product lines through first-class and uniquely specialized applications like Asset Performance Management (APM), Field Ops, Asset Remote Monitoring (ARM), and Subscription-based Equipment-as-a-Service Model.
Our platform, Flex83, with its OEDC recipe and a stateside thought leadership backed by a seasoned product quality-centric development team, yields groundbreaking industrial solutions with complete Application Ownership, Control on Unit Economies, Zero Technical Debt & Vendor Dependency, Risk Management, and Business continuity.

Headquartered in the United States and with an Offshore Development Center in India, we are a team of experts assisting global clients in leveraging the full potential of Industrial IoT by enabling an interconnected digital ecosystem to deliver smarter products.

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