Stand No: 53

Knowi was founded in 2014 in Oakland, CA with the purpose of dramatically shortening the distance from raw data to action. With native integration to virtually any data source, including NoSQL, SQL, RDBMS, file-based and API’s, Knowi eliminates the need for ETL, ODBC drivers, or data transformation processes that alternate solutions require. Data engineers can join structured and unstructured data sources to create blended data sets and instantly visualize the results, apply machine learning algorithms, embed results in data applications, share dashboards with business users, or trigger actions to other downstream applications or notification systems. Knowi is a global company with customers in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia supporting companies of all sizes from startups to large multi-national enterprises. Knowi is a complete business intelligence platform for enterprises, of any size, who want to unify analytics across their modern data stack and drive actions that matter.