Stand No: 300

KOBELO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY is constantly taking on new challenges in our role as leader. City, mountain, mine, harbor, at sea… In various environments around the world, our products are actively used to meet wide-ranging customer needs on a daily basis.

It has been over 80 years since we launched the 50K electric shovel in 1930, the first such construction machinery produced in Japan. Our willingness to constantly take on new challenges forms the basis for our development prowess even now.

And, We, Kobelco Construction Machinery currently provides innovative solutions with progressive “knowledge and technology” to create an environmental sustainability to people and the societies.

A decreasing work force, training today’s youth for the next generation of workers and on-site safety measures… our IoT Solution was created to address these and other problems that are faced at the workplace.

Using the latest advanced technologies, we challenges to revolutionize the jobs of each worker to create a next generation workplace where anybody can work.