Logtrust specializes in offering real-time BigData solutions that allow the integration, management and easy visualization of all the data generated by an organization to obtain operational and business intelligence.

Logtrust’s mission is to democratize real-time BigData analysis tools for companies of all sizes and sectors, enabling them to maximize their business value with security intelligence, infrastructure monitoring, compliance, customer behavior and business monitoring solutions.

Logtrust’s Cloud based model has taken the best of the Cloud in terms of price and scalability to offer a holistic solution that will allow clients to manage their logs in a secure way, in and from the Cloud, with no limits on the source of the data, its volume, or the geographical location. Logtrust also offers hybrid cloud and on-premise models to meet specific customer needs.

Logtrust’s solution collects logs (from infrastructure, networks, applications and business tools) to create a secure information environment where the client can receive alerts, run correlations and query the data in real-time, giving them the means to address all security concerns, meet different compliancy requirements and monitor and analyze business metrics on a single platform.