Stand No: 195

McObject’s eXtremeDB® DBMS solves key data management challenges ranging from the need for high performance, zero administration and “smart” features on field-deployed devices, to Big Data analytics on the servers that aggregate and crunch data.

Offering standard features such as:

Platform independence

Elastic scalability

B-Tree, R-Tree, Patricia Trie, KD-Tree, Trigram and Hash indexes

SQL and/or native (non-SQL) APIs

Supports scalar and complex data (structures, nested structures, arrays, vectors)

C/C++, Java, .NET, LUA, Python and RUST APIs

A hybrid DBMS eXtremeDB makes it easy to combine the strengths of the on-disk and all-in-memory approaches to data management

eXtremeDB also offers these unique features:

Active Replication Fabric offers reliable data management for IoT by solving 5 challenges for IoT system developers:

Bidirectional Replication

Intermittent connections

Multi-tier replication (e.g. edge-to-gateway-to-gateway-to-cloud)


Compression to maximize limited bandwidth networks

Statistical analysis – eXtremeDB comes with a library of over 100 functions for performing statistical analysis on time series data, such as grand, group, grid and window averages

Pipelining – eXtremeDB’s extensive library of math functions are building blocks that can be assembled into a pipeline to minimize data transfers and maximally exploit the CPU and L1/L2/L3 cache.

Columnar and conventional row-oriented storage – The best of OLTP and time series data management.