MooseFS Pro
Stand No: 638

MooseFS Pro is software-defined parallel network distributed Enterprise Storage Solution – a fully redundant and intelligent software solution that runs on any commodity hardware and is designed for mission-critical applications with high availability and high-performance requirements.

Some of the key advantages include:

• Enabling a limitless pool of tiered storage to support the most demanding distributed workloads and Big Data
• Any combination of legacy and newer technology storage hardware can be used – great for TCO and scalability!
• Save significant storage space with advanced Erasure Coding algorithms vs traditional replication
• Total storage supported up to 16 exabytes with more than 2 billion files – with no vendor lock!
• Comes with premium features like Compute-on-Node, Atomic Snapshots, Global Trash, Quota limits, Access Controls, Automatic Tiering – with a rich set of management and analytics tools.
• Unmatched performance across all storage tiers – improve the performance of your archive storage or take your HPC storage to a whole new performance level.
• Easy setup and administration – have your cluster up and running in 30 minutes.
• Unmatched deployment flexibility – on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and geographically distributed deployment options.

The unparalleled combination of performance and ease-of-use make it extremely attractive. Our software ensures that your workloads are running consistently with maximum performance and no maintenance of the file system. We are able to extract every single drop of performance from the hardware and network, meaning that our software will never be the bottleneck in your environment. Customers often see up to 2x performance increase (while also significantly decreasing administration efforts) when moving to MooseFS Pro from other storage solutions. Many customers appreciate the Compute-on-node feature, which allows the same machines that store the data to be used for compute (both CPU and GPU compute), leading to significant TCO benefits, time-to-results savings and performance advantages.

We are also able to quickly deliver turn-key solutions that combine MooseFS Pro with cutting-edge hardware, which will be guaranteed to deliver the required performance in an easy to install package.

Our support team is available 24/7 and the person answering your request is knowledgeable with the ability to solve any issue related to our software.