Stand No: 641

Nesten creates tomorrow’s IoT network through empowerment and democratizes the network for the devices of the future. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Nesten is developing and delivering IoT infrastructure with advanced IoT-optimized blockchains. Its networks use a unique ecosystem to drive community-based network deployments.

Nesten is ushering in a new era of communications networks by bringing together three powerful and dynamic technologies: blockchain, IoT, and machine intelligence. This unified platform has been designed from the ground up to be scalable and cost effective while providing unparalleled security, transparency, and efficiency.

Based in Sunny California, Nesten has successfully deployed over 200 G1 wireless nodes in major US cities such as New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston, delivering its “community-based” IoT network infrastructure with an aim to connect manage consumer and enterprise devices across cities in the US.

G1 Wireless Node, which is a backbone of Nesten’s ecosystem, is a high-performance computing platform combined with multiple wireless communications standards and high-precision GPS. It is designed to handle complex communications and blockchain protocols, as well as advanced machine learning to identify critical events. With hundreds of the gateways already running across the country  and more expected within 2020, Nesten is leading the transformation of the telecommunications industry. You can find more information and updates on their website at