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OneLayer is a cyber security platform dedicated to private cellular networks, that enables organizations to unleash their full potential.

Private cellular has all the ingredients to be more secure, yet most of the existing security solutions such as firewalls, NAC, IDS/NDR and Asset Management tools, are not applicable in the new cellular environment. Hence, they are unable to secure the network itself, exposing it to lurking threats. The multi-purpose promise of private networks, combining IT/OT use cases, endpoint mobility, roaming across networks and cloud edge services, further increases the attack surface. Accordingly, cybersecurity is considered to be the main adoption barrier by both customers and technology providers.

OneLayer ensures that the best IoT security toolkit and approaches will be simply implemented in your private cellular environment. We extend and adopt existing security methodologies to this new type of network and provide full asset visibility, context-based segmentation, cellular anomalies detection & response and zero-trust device connectivity.