Stand No: 499

Our.Guide is an application dedicated to hotel websites. It provides personalized travel guide which allows its users to explore the surrounding places near the hotel. It also constitutes a facilitation of trip organisation.

The widget offers numerous functions and features. Hotel guests have a constant access to the most substantial information thanks to an abundant database which gives an opportunity for planning the stay.

Our.Guide application is also destined for hotel authorities – they gain an essential knowledge associated with guests’ expectations and preferences. Thanks to daily and monthly reports hoteliers have a chance to find out which tourist attractions and local events are the most appealing, and – what is more – which Trip Plans are the most frequently used by your guests. At a glance, the foregoing aspects lead directly to considerable increase not only in profitability or marketing but also the overall efficiency in the hotel industry.

In addition, hotel owners take advantage of Our.Guide content in order inspire their potential clients during the process of purchasing, as well as influence their pre-departure preparations.

Our.Guide application works on the principle of simple interface – after installation on
the website, each user has an immediate insight into target sections, such as Tourist
Attractions in the area (divided into separate categories: Art & Culture, Entertainment, Landscape, Sport, Restaurants, Shops, Gay Friendly, For Kids, Accessible), Events (constantly updated), Trip Planning Tool or Dashboard for a manager.

The company offers various pricing plans for using Our.Guide application – MINI,
STANDARD or PREMIUM. The prices are diversified depending on the range of the included functions.

Website: https://our.guide