Stand No: 197

Satori is a fully managed platform-as-a-service that lets you connect, process, and react to streaming live data at ultra-low latency. Satori is an advancement of the technology that powers three of the most popular multiplayer mobile games – Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. In those games, millions of players engage in concurrent interactions with real time chat translations for 30 languages.
Satori builds on that proven technology to provide a massively scalable, high-throughput live data platform capable of handling trillions of transactions across millions of endpoints. Satori uniquely enables a variety of IoT use cases including Connected Cars, Logistics, Fleet Management, Industrial IoT and Smart Cities including Smart Transportation.

For Smart Transportation, Satori also simplifies the aggregation and normalization of disparate real time data sources such as sensors, camera feeds, geolocation, and more. This enables city managers to easily knit together streaming live data from any number of transportation feeds and gain insights into the end-to-end transportation ecosystem as it’s being used. This also powers a new class of smart journey apps for citizens and tourists.
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