Sensoro, founded in July 2013 at the Microsoft Ventures’ accelerator, is committed to the construction of a large aware- mobile Internet data network, integrating intelligent sensor and the mobile Internet. Based on the profound foundation of data analysis, we are contributed to arm the traditional retail, service and finance industries with the latest digitized strategies. As a pioneer in research and practical field of data, Sensoro has introduced ErlangMongoDB and other cutting edge technology to China and leaded off in the practical applications.

Sensoro’s R&D sector has visioned the extraordinary value of iBeacon technology and make its endeavour to the intensive R&D work in this direction 8 months ahead of Apple’s release of iBeacon. Sensoro’s iBeacon sensor Yunzi is the first licensed product in China. Meanwhile, Sensoro has thoroughly optimised iBeacon protocol through new integrations, enabling its capabilities with multiple sensors. This improvement has enormously explored iBeacon technology’s applications.