Sequans Communications

Sequans Communications is a leading developer and supplier of single-mode LTE chipset solutions that are highly cost and power efficient. Sequans was founded in 2003 to address the WiMAX market where it became the de facto leader in WiMAX chips, and in 2009 turned to address the LTE market, where today its LTE chips are powering many new single-mode LTE devices, including tablets, routers, and M2M solutions.  Sequans is one of the most experienced pure-play 4G technology companies in the world, having developed and delivered six generations of steadily advancing 4G technology.

Sequans offers two distinct LTE product lines: 1) StreamrichLTE for feature-rich mobile computing and home/portable router devices, and 2) StreamliteLTE for cost-sensitive M2M devices and the Internet of Things. StreamrichLTE platforms deliver advanced LTE capabilities, such as Category 6 LTE throughput, advanced interference rejection technology, and support for LTE Broadcast and VoLTE; and Sequans StreamliteLTE platforms are optimized for ultra cost and power efficiency for the vast Internet of Things market.

Sequans is based in Paris, with additional offices throughout the world, including USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China and Taiwan.