Stand No: 516 is a technology startup with a vision to make mobile devices optimized and secure for enterprise use cases. Enterprises can use Shoonya platform to build non consumer devices such as Point of Sale, Kiosks are restaurants and airports, digital signage, Logistics and fleet management device.


Shiv and Yadhu have 35+ years of combined experience in building mobile device platforms. Shiv was Head of Android Partnership at Cyanogen, Huawei and Samsung. Yadhu was the Head of AmazonGo, FireOS and FireTV Systems team and was the Architect for WindowsCE which holds 60% market share in enterprise mobile devices.

Secure OS and Devices

Consumer mobile devices are not suited for enterprise deployment with single purpose use cases. We believe that enterprise devices need to be customized from ground up ( H/W Specification, Operating System and UX) with security and manageability as key product pillars. Shoonya OS is a modular and secure OS built on top of Android Open source.Device Cloud
* Enables enterprises to Configure, deploy and Secure vertical specific device
* Provides analytics and monitoring around deployed devices – Support for battery, WiFi, Cellular and thermal monitoring. Maximizing device up-time and reducing support and operations costs
* Endpoint security that protects devices from Malware and data breaches based on our intelligence platform processing over 1000 device details captured at the hardware and kernel level