Stand No: 81

Sperosens provides Environmental Monitoring and Fire Protection solutions to the African mining industry and has done so with an impeccable track record for 30 years.

The company’s products and services are categorised in three separate but linked groups:

  • Instrumentation Systems designed to remotely monitor safety parameters and equipment performance in underground mining environments.
  • Fire Protection Systems with a big focus on the specialised risk category to detect, alarm/warn, contain and extinguish fires in underground and industrial installations.
  • IoT based Measurement and Management Systems designed to remotely measure and monitor a wide variety of parameters (including safety), as well as equipment performance, in industrial installations and large campus environments.

Sperosens’ market leadership stems from its proven technical abilities; from system design through project implementations to term service level agreements.

The Sperosens product solutions are developed in-house by using both own intellectual property and by integrating standard off-the-shelf components.