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SVTronics Product Design Services provides expert design and engineering services covering electrical engineering, PCB layout, design verification and validation, compliance testing and Industrial design. SVTronics’ state of the art manufacturing facility also provides prototyping, manufacturing services and works with the design team to ensure manufacturability of the product. Our Design Team has expertise in design for a variety of products including, consumer electronics, medical devices, Industrial and mobile computing products, communications interfaces, embedded controllers, automotive and Industrial applications.

Electrical Engineering & Design Expertise
 Embedded Platforms – OMAP4, OMAP5, ARM, DSP, POWER PC , etc
 RF and Wireless – WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC
 High speed , High resolution Display and camera interfaces
 Battery and Power management
 Design for Manufacturability

PC B Layout
 High Speed PCB design
 High density interconnects – Blind and Buried Vias, Micro-vias.
 layer optimization

Design Verification and Validation
 Post-layout and Pre-layout Signal integrity analysis
 Complete functional validation

Compliance testing and Reliability
 FCC Certification, UL, ETL and CE Marking
 Compliance to RoHS, REACH and WEEE
 Mechanical Reliability testing

Industrial Design
 Conceptual thru complete production design
 Injection molding, casting, sheet metal, 3D printing
 Ruggedized design for Industrial and military application

SVT Certifications
 ISO 9001:2015
 ISO AS9100D
 ISO 13485:2003
 IPC 620
 J-STD-001F w/Space Addendum
 ITAR #M25427

We appreciate your interest in SVTronics, Inc and look forward in working with you and your team. If you need additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. You can reach me at 972-743-9862 or email me at [email protected]

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