Stand No: 500

Telna is redefining the way our devices behave with eSIM.

Telna is a leading eSIM provider, enabling IoT and M2M connections anywhere in the world. We reduce complexity with our intelligent, cloud-based management platforms that enable complete control and flexibility as well as security and scalability for enterprises.

We provide connectivity anywhere for any device or application and an easy to manage platform.

  • Our global mobile network provides seamless connectivity in 200+ countries with 800+ network agreements.
  • Our multi-profile eSIM connects seamlessly around the globe providing reliable 4G LTE data and superior call quality. Remote SIM provisioning allows for faster management
  • Management portal: Connect, manage, and control all of your IoT & M2M devices globally with a single platform
  • API: Our flexible APIs make it easy to integrate with any application.
  • Pricing: No contracts or monthly fees. We offer transparent and flexible pricing based on your scalable needs.
  • Support: Best-in-class 24/7 Customer Service to answer your questions.

Telna makes IoT easy!.