The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF)

The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think & Do Tank
which works with senior management teams to instil the confidence to lead and innovate,
confidentially and responsibly, in the turbulent context of the 21st century. The three
foundations on which the work builds are: a focus on people, a deep understanding of
specific context, and a system-based approach. The ILF was set up by innovation
philosopher, story teller and catalyst Dr Bettina von Stamm, creator of the Innovation
Wave®, a tool for the facilitated assessment of innovation capabilities. Bettina is also
author of four books: ‘The Innovation Wave – Meeting the corporate challenge’ (Wiley,
2002), ‘Managing Innovation Design & Creativity’ (2nd edition 2008), ‘The Future of
Innovation’, with Dr Anna Trifilova (Gower 2009), and ‘Innovation – Embracing The Path of
Change to Create Value’, (Lulu, 2013)