Stand No: 428

Ubisense transforms physical spaces into smart spaces, bringing manufacturers proven gains in quality, cost, and productivity. Our SmartSpace platform extends existing business systems to make them connect naturally to the real-world. By creating a real-time digital twin of assembly processes, SmartSpace’s constant vigilance empowers people to make more insightful decisions, and business systems to operate with foresight and certainty.

SmartSpace enhances existing business and process data with a context that captures the location, flow and interaction of the constantly moving parts of an assembly process, from WIP to tools to raw materials and beyond. By making this connection to the reality of production flow, SmartSpace’s process logic instantly detects activities that are contrary to plan or procedure, and flags those for action through its many interfaces. These connections include interfaces to systems such as ERP and MES, directly to other controls and devices, and most importantly to people.

With offices in the UK, France, Germany, Japan and the US, Ubisense has more than 900 customers across the globe, and has enabled many to implement their factory digitization strategies.