Stand No: 182

At Viaanix, we understand people. We think of life, design its extensions and advance societies. We do this without a formula, without a scheme, and without a subject. We thrive on fluidity, build on customs and coproduce with you. And that is why in understanding people, we understand societies, businesses, and governments. Through a strong sense of social and economic empowerment, we create products and services that are poised to find their way into the future. And in doing so, we are weaving ideas and building artifacts that will become relics of the future. Viaanix is not a company that we have established. It is a story we are scripting; with you. Located at the intersection of things connected with things, we are experts in building electronically embedded objects and devices that enable data collection and exchange between entities. We make the inanimate, smart. We specialize in IoT, emphasizing industrial internet that focuses on the machine to machine (M2M) communication. We pride ourselves in creating smart systems for manufacturing industries, logistics, agriculture, transportation, government, medical arts, and home. In all this, our focus is a customized solution to your problems. And therefore, we don’t build products alone; we produce answers.
Viaanix thrives on challenges that call for creative thinking and technical innovation. The company works with a variety of partners and clients, ranging from established companies, independent startups, national retailers, growing nonprofits, global agencies, and indigenous groups.