Webgears Inc.
Stand No: 208

Webgears Inc. – develops disruptive Web 3D technology (WebGT) enabling the most efficient integration interface for an IoT connected industries like Smart Manufacturing, Buildings and Infrastructure or connected Transport and Supply chain.

WebGT is built around a mix of the proprietary novel mathematics behind the geometry of a 3D model, web-native 3D graphics engine, hybrid cloud-local 3D rendering, WebGL, and software know-how. While others reduce the quality of 3D graphics to make it light and accessible, WebGT allows usage of a detailed interactive 3D with no specific software\hardware requirements, i.e. no extra costs.

In the field of industrial \ infrastructural IoT, WebGT is the only technology enabling interactive cross-platform visualization of a digital twin of industrial assets, e.g. vehicles, marine platforms, production facilities or even cities. Thanks to analytical notation, our detailed interactive 3D is light enough to smoothly run into any internet browser on any device, including mobile with no need for wide internet bandwidth (as it is not a streaming service).

Going beyond visualization, our math description of 3D is an efficient unified language for machines to understand and co-operate with 3D content requiring fewer computational and storage capacity. Imagine a self-driving car which is designed, manufactured, sold and maintained using our technology and while driving it can communicate via the same language with the connected infrastructure of a smart city – this is how we enable a truly connected world.