Stand No: 4

Woluxi is on a mission to help IoT and electronic device manufacturers save big on Support and Security related costs using a software-only solution.


Woluxi’s patented technology enables any electronic device to communicate with smartphones through the device’s blinking power light. The communication is conducted through the power light blinking in our proprietary version of Morse code. Using this technique Woluxi solves harder problems around critical device diagnostics and IoT security. 


Woluxi helps IoT device vendors to securely configure their IoT devices without spending on hardware and infrastructure. No more default password management is required.


Woluxi also provides a 2-factor authentication mechanism based on proof of possession without any extra hardware. 


Woluxi’s diagnostics feature helps IoT device vendors to save big on support related costs like product returns, truck roll and customer support.

More information at http://www.woluxi.com