Xaptum is building the future communications infra-structure for IoT. Xaptum’s product offering, the Xaptum Edge Network Fabric™, is the world’s first edge computing infrastructure (that acts as a Reverse CDN) for peering machines, sensors, actuators and IoT devices with Cloud Platforms and IP Networks, to securely exchange context driven messages in real-time at massive scale. Xaptum is a key enabler in the Application Enablement & Services market segment, providing massive scalable transaction interconnects between applications, IoT devices and networks — the missing link to accelerate IoT adoption worldwide. Xaptum’s Edge Network Fabric™ solves the unique cyber-security, data transit and application enablement complexities required to scale the IoT ecosystem and accelerate IoT adoption worldwide — a $49 Billion addressable market opportunity by 2024. As first to market, Xaptum and its channel partners are well positioned to lead this high growth market.